[microsound-announce] [pertin_32] hemiptera & bleupulp - the metanoia ep (out on beatport)

Max & Mark expe at madicoinc.com
Tue May 26 11:00:39 EDT 2009

A sweet summer wise release by Hemiptera & Bleupulp. 
The two first tracks by Hemiptera are going toward some straight up minimal
tech type of groove, yet the impression of an happier vibe than their usual
productions. The two last track by Bleupulp bring a deeper and smoother mood
with a pretty obivious ''duby'' influenced feeling to them. This release is
will be great for the dance floor and the chill area as well!

cat. number : pertin_32
artist : hemiptera & bleupulp
release title : the metanoia ep
track listing :
01_ hemiptera - colloidal
02_ hemiptera - low hand
03_ bleupulp - out of my house
04_ bleupulp - out of my head

sounds like : minimal, techno, house, duby

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