[microsound-announce] Gintas K & GyS - new online ep on con-v

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Tue Mar 31 04:52:53 EDT 2009

'when the drummer is smoking .ep' is the brand new online release by
lithuanian sound artists Gintas K and GyS.

In 2006, me and GyS talked about collaboration, in which we could use each
other’s material. We exchanged the raw files. I completed my part, composed
from his sounds (mostly guitar sound). In the middle of GyS’ work his
computer crashed and all his work was lost. Only my part left, and it is on
this ep.
On track When the drummer is smoking I imagine BAUHAUS or COIL (If they had
one) drummer taking a rest in the middle of the concert. Smoking a cigarette
with one hand, while playing on Hi-hat with the other. The show goes on.
(liner notes by Gintas K.)

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