[microsound-announce] Bowindo Recordings announces 4 NEW releases!

domenico sciajno d.sciajno at tiscali.it
Tue Mar 31 04:34:15 EDT 2009

Bowindo Recordings
italian independent label of
contemporary + experimental electroacoustic music
announces 4 NEW releases!

Ordering is now easier than ever!

You can order the CD directly form Bowindo website:  
or you can order them at our one and only official worldwide  
distributor: Metamkine

Digital Downloads are also available through the likes of: iTunes,  
eMusic, Amazon, LastFM!

[BW09] Doves Days in Palermo
Domenico Sciajno plays duets with
Andreas Wagner, Robin Hayward, Tez, Kim Cascone, Gianni Gebbia,  
Thomas Lehn, Gene Coleman

Jerome Noetinger writes on Metamkine Catalogue About Doves Days in  
Palermo: " ... L'improvisation pour matériau et au final sept pièces  
entre musique concréte et musique électronique. Diverses, soutenues  
et variées..."
Frans de Ward writes on Vital Weekly about Doves Days in Palermo:  
" ...  I thought that especially the mixtures of real instruments  
with the laptop of Sciajno was quite nice. These pieces had a nice  
sense of free improvisation and microscopic bleeps and hiss..."

[BW10] Sequens
Sequenza for Ensemble of 16 elements
Composed by Domenico Sciajno in 1999
Instrumentation: flute, harp, voice, piano, trombone, viola, Oboe,  
violin, clarinet, trumpet, guitar, basson, accordion, alto and  
soprano sax, contrabbasso

Jeremy Kerns, writes on Ampersand about Sequens: "... this one blew  
me away - a concept plunderphonics album taht works brilliantly  
[...]  Here Sciajno shows his mastery of how to overlap, superimpose  
and separate the tracks in a counterpoint  [...]. What could have  
been a mishmash of sound becomes a strong modern chamber work through  
the combination of Berio's original composition and the skill of  
Sciajno.  [...]  this collaboration between two composers is  
astounding - Sciajno has remained completely faithful to Berio's  
compositions by 'merely' cutting/pasting them (and his own sequence  
fits) and created a new Berio work which was always there but never  
drawn out". Read the full review here

[BW11] Hyaline
Kim Cascone [Laptop]
Domenico Sciajno [Max/Msp + Live Processing]

Frans de Ward writes on Vital Weekly about Hyaline: "... Both are in  
fine shape here... It moves away from the free laptop play ground, of  
letting sounds run wild and free, but the five pieces sound  
composed... instead all [is] live and without editing, which is hard  
to believe... A solid work all around, two highly skilled masters at  
Jerome Noetinger writes on Metamkine Catalogue about Hyaline: " ...  
Des masses évolutives, du brassage électronique, un ressac  
acoustique, de l'essorage numérique, bref un brin d'néo-ambient et  
beaucoup d'ectoplasmes nerveux et bien gaulés ; musique improvisée  
électronique s'il en est.

[BW12] Diospyros
Gene Coleman [Bass Clarinet]
Domenico Sciajno [Max/Msp + Live processing]

Frans de Ward writes on Vital Weekly about  Diospyros: "... Four  
pieces of highly improvised music here, where Coleman plays the  
instrument and Sciajno picks up the sound and processes it in real  
time... the first two tracks are highly free pieces of music in which  
both the clarinet and the laptop produces an endless amount loose  
sounds. In 'Granadilla' however Sciajno waves together longer  
sustaining sounds and Coleman adds likewise longer sustaining  
clarinet sounds on top and it results in a powerful, intense piece of  

SPECIAL OFFER! Replying to this mail can have a special price buying  
the 4 above releases
in a single order: 35,00€ (instead of 50,00) including worldwide  
postage and commissions!

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