[microsound-announce] Double Blind "Wounded Speaker" on MPRNTBL

Glenn Bach glenncbach at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 16:41:14 EST 2009

I'd like to announce the official launch of a new label, MPRNTBL, and 
the first release, "Wounded Speaker" by Double Blind, available as a 
free MP3 download.



Double Blind

Double Blind participants: Glenn Bach, Kim Cascone, shea M gauer, Dale 
Kaminski, John Kannenberg, David Nadal, Joseph Richard Negro, scott A 
peterson, Matt Pogue. Michael Raco-Rands, Tom Recchion, Silas Ritchie, 
Marco Schindelmann, and Kevin Schlei.

On Saturday, March 1st, 2008, a few hours before the Midwest 
Phonographers Union planned to perform in the UWM Fine Arts Cinema, a 
JBL EON15 G2 loudspeaker began malfunctioning, emitting a low rumble of 
unknown origin. The fluctuating drone grew louder and sharper, 
punctuated by brief pops and glitches. Chris Delaurenti and John 
Kannenberg recorded the phenomena, and Glenn Bach decided to take 
advantage of the the chain of events and created a larger project under 
the umbrella of his improvising ensemble, Double Blind.

Inspired in part by Chris Schlarb's communal project, "Twilight and 
Ghost Stories" (as well as Yasunao Tone's "Solo for Wounded CD" and 
William Basinski's "Disintegration Loops"), Bach imagined a 
collaborative remix of Kannenberg's field recordings, a collective 
interpretation of malfunction and failure. Participants remixed, 
resampled, cut up, and reinterpreted the sound of the broken speaker 
(along with several second-generation responses), or contributed 
entirely new compositions inspired by a similar sense of malfunctioning 
gear or general sense of collapse. Bach then wove the contributions into 
an overall soundscape marked by four distinct movements, each a distinct 
collage of sound, noise, and music.

MPRNTBL is a net label dedicated to quiet music, lowercase, free 
improvisation, field recordings, analog noise, and collaborative 
soundscapes. Forthcoming releases from Intense Situations of Peril, 
mem1, and smgsap.





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