[microsound-announce] xxxxx_temporary_structure CTM 2009 friday 23 january

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Thu Jan 22 11:28:54 EST 2009

xxxxx_temporary_structure CTM 2009 opens tomorrow, Friday 23 January,
with an open lab and actions/performances from several of the
participants beginning at 19:30 and running until 22:00. The laboratory
will continue to be public every day until 31 January from 12:00-22:00
daily. There will be similar actions completing the lab cycle on the
final day, Saturday 31 January, at 19:00.



Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Public transport:
U8 > Kottbusser Tor
S3, S4, S8, S9 > S-BHF Ostbahnhof
10 minutes walking distance from MAO.



xxxxx_temporary_structure CTM 2009

Tracing a clear line of development from both xxxxx_workshops:
[in]tolerance during CTM 2008 examining the material basis of
technology and a series of life coding events in Norway and Germany,
xxxxx hosts an experimental nine day structure widening the scope of
construction and constructivism to embrace the social and economic
structures of production and performance. Public interface is to be
made explicit, inviting participation, visit and conversation.

xxxxx temporary structure presents the expansion of both known and
less familiar constructive procedures and apparatus, for example
software (Pure Data, Python) and hardware (waves, circuits,
simulation) into novel territory. Software becomes script and social
pragmatics, hardware expands into optics, architecture, graffiti,
elaborate kinetics and novel interfaces to the world addressing
biologic and physical processes; a play of light, resonance and

The relationship between structure and system is playfully opened,
with the modelling of systems as core activity within the temporary
lab space; simulation within both code and analogue electronics, the
embedding of an internal observer allowing for a play with agents and

A concern with materiality and construction forms the base for an
energetic examination of all manner of diagrams, public interface
(reading space, discussion), bio-computing (plant life, EEG), world
interface (practical endophysics), everyday technologies (light,
food), code, transitions and translations. Such disciplines branch out
mushroom like, revealing instabilities and new structures across nine
days, in one space, publicly accessible throughout.

xxxxx temporary structure is inherently experimental and
interdisciplinary, inviting practitioners and artists who are well
able to prise open the gaps between reified disciplines to actively
create new social and constructive apparatus within the xxxxx space.

A playful laboratory is proposed which does not mark boundaries
between forms and between disciplines - which rather exposes and opens
up social and artistic structures for sublime experience.


Alexei Blinov
Danja Vassiliev
Derek Holzer
Dorotha Walentynowicz
Georg Holzmann
Jonathan Kemp
Julian Oliver
Lars Lundehave Hansen
Lindsay Brown
Martin Howse
Martin Kuentz
Oswald Berthold
Otto Roessler
Rob Mullender
Shintaro Miyazaki
Valentina Vuksic
Verena Friedrich
Walter Langelaar
Will Scrimshaw
Yunchul Kim



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