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Andrew Duke andrew at andrew-duke.com
Wed Feb 4 14:20:08 EST 2009

Other than the first five minutes of the show (from the awesome Clinker 
there's no microsound on this, but it might be of interest to some of 
those microsound fans
lookin' to shake some booty:

Cognition Audioworks presents Andrew Duke In The Mix (est. 1987)
February 04, 2009 show; 2.5 hours
343mb 320kbps cbr mp3:
199mb 140-250kbps vbr mp3:

artist/title/mix/release/label/cat#/release date for promos (where 
available) info follows

promos for show consideration (please send whatever format is easiest 
for you)
and remix requests are welcome;
email remix requests and download links to WAV/MP3 promos to 
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Andrew Duke Cognition Audioworks
57 Hastings Drive Dartmouth NS Canada B2Y 2C7

01. Clinker--On The Other Side (for L. Cohen) (Dragon's Eye DE5019)
02. Ghosts Of Paraguay--Beautiful Secret (from Birth Of A Hero) 
(Freelance FL001)
03. Move D & Benjamin Brunn--Love The One You're With (from Songs From 
The Beehive) (Smallville LP01)
04. S-max--Immortality Dub (Not Sinful--Not Vicious) (from Cosmo Anarchy 
Vol 2) (Telegraph 036) Mar09
05. Rick Wade--Night Track (from Night Trackin') (Elevate ELE02) 1997
06. Analog Fingerprints--Tribute (from Tribute) (Pigna 001) 2003
07. Antony and the Johnsons--Daylight And The Sun (from The Crying Light 
on Secretly Canadian SC194)
(Andrew Duke's Cry For Daylight mix) (unreleased)
08. Anthony Shakir--Indagoo (from Levitate Venice) (Morphine doser010 
limited pre-release) Apr09
09. Dan Curtin feat Jason Byers--Only Because Of You (from Facts) 
(Metamorphic MET023)
10. Luke Hess--Agape Dub (from Dub For Love) (Modelisme 20) Mar09
11. Rec Overflow--Mad Night (from Integral comp) (Miga 30)
12. T-Polar--Flumpdick (Tomi Chair remix) (from Flumpdick remixes) (Nice 
& Nasty NANO 43)
13. Lars Bartkuhn--Goodbye Dancing, Hello God (Arto Mwambe remix)
(from Based On Misunderstandings 3 comp) (Sonar Kollektiv SK201)
14. Galaxy Group feat Lady Alma--Don't Play (Ruffy & Tuffy aka 40 
Thieves version) (Loveslap SLAP049)
15. Matthias Tanzmann--Keep On (from Restless) (Moonharbour MHCD006)
16. DXR--Fader Pushing Sunday (from DXR 2) (Klakson 020)
17. KiNK & Neville Watson--Inside Out (Dub) (from Inside Out) (Hour 
House Is Your Rush HHYR1)
18. RodrigoDP--No More Taurine (from Unreal Static) (Shufflemood SHFLMD006)
19. Andrew Duke + Polmo Polpo--Oceana (from Highest Common Denominator) 
(Piehead) 2002
20. Brian Taaffe--S.O.B. (Caine and Anians remix) (from S.O.B. remixes) 
(Dublin Express DXR016) 27Feb09
21. Beat Pharmacy--Drifter (extended) (from Drifter) (Deep Space Media 
22. Nice--On The Green (from Under The Ground comp) (Feinwerk 15)
23. Noleian Reusse--Porfa? (from Illinois Illuminated comp) (Antenna 
International ANT05)
24. Alden Tyrell feat Nancy Fortune--La Voix (from La Voix remixes) 
(Clone C#46.1)
25. Signal Deluxe--Fairy Shake (from Local Detox) (Fade FD059)
26. Bconverso--Spanish Guitar (from And All Milano Says) (Hell Yeah! 
HYR7025) 04Feb09
27. Andrew Duke--Parmakoi (Steb Sly's tech mix) (from Waveforms comp) 
(Cognition Audioworks) 2003
28. Jitterbug--No Pressure (from Raw Winter) (DJ Qu remix) (Uzuri 006) Mar09
29. Amit Shoham--Sufi Life (Brad Electro remix) (Tarantic TAR32) 12Feb09
30. Soul Designer (Fabrice Lig)--Evolutionism (from Evolutionism Part 
One) (Third Ear 3EEP093)
31. Terrence Dixon--Trust (from Miles Per Hour) (Open Concept OCR-001)
32. Tomi Chair--Lullaby For A Nightmare (Andrew Duke's Crispy Crawly 
Alien Funk mix)
(from Lullaby For A Nightmare remixes) Nice & Nasty NANO 52) 23Feb09
33. Rob Glennon--Ambush (Fran Hartnett remix) (from Fuse Action 
remixes)(Static SR006)
34. Tolga Fidan--Abstract Prologues (from Now I'm Weak) (Vakant VA009)
35. Tom Trago--Passion (from Passion) (Rush Hour RH025P)
36. Thomas Danger--Kinky Girl (from Inside My Head) (Open Concept OCR-013)
37. Tanaka Hideyuki--In The Middle (from Think Zero) (Microcosm MCOSM1021)
38. Danny Bonnici--Crooked Fruit (from Crooked Fruit) (Fine Cut Bodies 
remix) (Long Distance LDR004)
39. Fonz Pro--At Proof Of Beast (Adaptive edit) (from Beast) (Diplomatik 
40. Flow--Try It (Marky Star remix) (from Try It remixes) (Beatcode 
BC037) 19Feb09
41. Black Devil Disco Club--The Devil In Us (dub version) (from Black 
Devil In Dub) (Lo LLP60)
42. Arne Weinberg--Eclipse (from Nebula Trap) (Frantic Flowers FS009)
43. Alden Tyrell feat Fred Ventura--Love Explosion (vox) (from Love 
Explosion) (Viewlexx View12/6) 1999
44. Limacon--Rubber Bump (Mike Shannon remix) (from Rubber Bump) 
(Thoughtless TLM019)
45. Stewart Walker--Transforming The Sahara (from Sandstorm) (Persona 
46. Sachrias & Aslak--Geisha (Flow remix) (Low Pressings LO071) 16Feb09
47. Lady K & Luca Daddi--Sevilla (Klangfrequenz remix) (Black & White 
Orange BWO15)
48. Clara Moto--Silently (from Silently) (Infine IF2013)
49. Chymera--Midnight At The Aquarium (from Midnight At The Aquarium) 
(Mezzotinto MEZZ004)
50. Dennis De Santis--Five Minutes, Today, Forever (Trevor Loveys remix)
(from Five Minutes, Today, Forever) (Third Ear 3EEP033)
51. Terrace--Moods (Estroe remix) (from Unchained) (Evonext 01)
52. Heavy Meadows--Theft Of The Expedition (Andrew Duke remix) (from 
Remixes) (Dependent) 2004

Andrew Duke In The Mix weekly mixshow (est. 1987), plus excl. DJ mixes 
(Alland Byallo, Daniel Bell,
Colette, Minto George, Jason Pelletier), PAs (Stewart Walker), 
interviews (Aux 88):
sound design and music content provider:

Andrew Duke Cognition Audioworks
57 Hastings Drive Dartmouth NS Canada B2Y 2C7

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