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Richard Lainhart rlainhart at otownmedia.com
Wed Feb 4 10:10:16 EST 2009

Films "One Year" and "drift" to be screened at L.A. International  
Festival of Cinema and Technology

Richard Lainhart, award-winning composer, filmmaker, and author, is  
pleased to announce that two of his short films, "One Year" and  
"drift", have been accepted for screening at the International  
Festival of Cinema and Technology's Visions of Movement, Art and  
Sound, Saturday February 7th in Los Angeles.

'One Year' is a year-long timescape of a maple tree in Lainhart's  
backyard, photographed daily with a digital still camera under  
computer control and assembled and processed in Adobe After Effects.  
The soundtrack is computer-processed bowed vibraphone, played and  
recorded live. 'drift' is an abstact HD film created entirely in Adobe  
After Effects. The soundtrack is an improvisation for lapsteel guitar  
processed with the Symbolic Sound Kyma System.

The International Fest of Cinema and Technology (IFCT) takes place at  
the Downtown Independent Theatre at 251 S. Main Street in downtown Los  
Angeles. This festival will be screening films from filmmakers around  
the world. The IFCT, (www.ifct.org) now in its 6th year, specializes  
in screening new animation and experimental film. The festival line-up  
also includes an array of exceptional narrative and documentary  
features and shorts.

The IFCT is designed to give exposure to independent films, many of  
which previously had been underexposed to the public. The festival's  
motto is it seeks to "discover the undiscovered film." The  
"technology" in the festival's name occurs both in the content of the  
festival, which tends to focus on themes of technology or feature  
unique creation techniques, as well as in the method of showcasing  
content at the events.

Richard Lainhart's "drift" and "One Year" will receive their L.A.  
premieres at the Festival's Visions of Movement, Art and Sound,  
Saturday February 7th. This showcase features cutting edge films with  
an intense focus on music and equally dynamic visuals.  Along with  
Lainhart, presentations include 10 new and innovative music videos  
including Katy Davis' "Stay in My Memory" video for Bimm, SHTIL Music  
Video for Infectzia, and Hillside Music Video directed by Nir Ben  
Jacob for the band Sidewalk Fiction, among others.  Other films in  
this screening sequence focusing on strong sounds and mesmerizing   
visuals include "Himalyanwalk" directed by Jeanet Snijders, "Motion"  
directed by John Osborne.

• For more information about Visions of Movement, Art and Sound http://www.ifct.org/ifctshortsdancemusicsound.html
• The festival website is http://www.ifct.org
• A schedule of festival screenings and directions to the venues can  
be found at http://www.ifct.org/ifctschedulelosangeles09.html
• For information on tickets or schedule contact admin at ifct.org.

For more about information about Richard Lainhart, visit http://www.otownmedia.com

For a full size frame grab from "drift", click here http://www.otownmedia.com/drift.jpg

For a full size frame grab from "One Year", click here http://www.otownmedia.com/One_Year.jpg

Richard Lainhart

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