[microsound-announce] +10 hrs conceptual industrial/glitchy dub(step) only three noncommercial clicks away

Danny Kreutzfeldt dannykreutzfeldt at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 09:02:03 EST 2009

Latest news from Periskop.cc: Music modules zipped.

http://www.periskop.cc/zip/periskop-15[01-06]-8120-020209-185158.zip (180 MB)
15 is so far 6 tracks with just 15 BPM adding up to 81:20 mins of slow
gritty doom influenced digital dub following strict compositional and
productional principles.

(341 MB)
80_60 is so far 16 tracks adding up to 177:52 mins of minimal
industrially induced digital dub(step) following strict compositional
and productional principles.

(627 MB)
shatter[80_60] is so far 16 tracks adding up to 353:34 mins of crushed
glitchy polyrhythmic industrial dub(step). Every track uses only 3
uneditted but heavily treated instances of a 80_60 track as
soundmaterial. A track is made in an automated live-recording, that
includes the glitches generated by an overworked laptop.

About the project:

http://www.periskop.cc distributes and documents work of the
music/media/art project Periskop. Operated by Danny Kreutzfeldt since

Periskop is about submarines, intrusive technology and dubbed out
sound experimentation, but also about alienation and boredom as
constructive states of well-being in a posthuman environment.

This site consists of several modules - each giving access to various
works or information about different aspects of the project. It is
subject to constant change and predominantly presents an increasing
amount of dark slow unimpressed dub, which is available in free 320
kbps MP3s.

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