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Soundlog :: january 30th, 2009 [ #291 ]" A TINGEL TANGLE TAPE MACHINE "In this first report on a well-spent week in Brussels, Belgium, you find a descriptionof my 'tingel tangle tape machine'. It was one of the items in "? Footage or Fetish", the found tapes exhibitionand installation that between january 19th and 15th formeda wonderful and appropriate decor for my diligently getting ahead with the preparationof new acquisitions for my still evolving collection of cast-away sounds ...The entry comes with a five minute YouTube clip, in which you can see how themachine 'tingels' and 'tangles' ...[ permalink : http://www.harsmedia.com/SoundBlog/Archief/00661.php#00661 ][ YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2C35QdaFBQ ]--Have a great day !__ Harold Schellinx===================================== * Be an Angel !__ Guard the SoundBlog !__==== http://angelsponsor.soundblog.net =====================================
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