[microsound-announce] NK PRESENTS Hannes Hoelzl Joker Nies Alberto de Campo 5TH Dec = Berlin

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Fri Dec 4 11:01:34 EST 2009

    NK PRESENTS Hannes Hoelzl Joker Nies Alberto de Campo

    5TH December


Saturday, December 5, 2009 at 8:00pm
WHITE RABBIT Potsdamer Straße 98 / 10785 Berlin

Hannes Hoelzl was born 1974 in Bolzano/I; he studied audio engineering 
in Graz/A and graduated as an MA in Sound&Music Technology at the 
Utrecht Arts Academy/NL. He works in various disciplines and 
constellations, always orbiting around the central focus of sound; with 
digital sound treatment and particulary the Open Source environment 
SuperCollider being his fundamental working tools.
His developments in music aim at improvisation interfaces that enable 
the computer to keep up with the directness of the instrumentalists; at 
sound spatialisation with a similar improvisational approach, and at 
pseudo-intelligent sound objects that might be able to surprise the 
performer with unforseen turns, often inspired by outworldly electronic 
circuits like the ones that his fellow musician Joker Nies employs.
Beyond acting as a performing musician, he works as a sound artist, 
designer, composer, software developer and instructor.
He has played internationally in Europe and China, and his installative 
works have been exhibited, amonst others, in the Venice Biennale (2001, 
2006), in ZKM Karlsruhe (D, 2006), Hamada children's Museum, Japan, and 
in London's National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. He has held lecures and 
workshops at Universities and Conservatories in Wesleyan/Connecticut, 
Duesseldorf, Prague, Oslo, Tokyo and Beijing.
Recently, he was involved in a project for the international Arts 
Biennial Manifesta in Italy (www.manifesta7.it), where an old austrian 
fortress with 77 armoured rooms was turned into a huge listening space.

Joker Nies lives and works in Cologne, Germany, as a musician, 
sound-designer, sound-engineer, fotographer and technical editor for the 
German Keyboards magazine.
Since the early 80´s, Nies experiments with all kinds of electronic 
sound-sources, like modular-analog synthesizers, individually designed 
electronic devices, DSP-based systems (like Kyma/Capybara) and software 
based sound-sources. During the early 90´s, modifying the Omnichord 
became his initiation to what is known as circuit-bending. Since that 
time a steadily growing number of devices has been converted from simple 
toys into alien sound devices.
For his live-performances the focus has completely moved away from 
computer hosted sound enviroments and shifted to analog electronics 
instead. His instruments, beneath the Omnichord, are carefully selected 
and modified electronics, and the outstanding instruments Rob Hordijk 
has built for him. Recent activities include software synth-design in 
MAX/MSP for the german Keyboards magazine, and production and sound 
design for radio-plays. Nies also leads workshops and tutorials about 
circuit-bending, DIY-instruments and synth-design in MAX/MSP.
His musical activities are centered around an improvisational aproach, 
like with the Trio Die Schrauber or The KØP. He also cooperates in 
composition-based projects like the activities of the multimedia project 
Joker Nies performed on festivals in all of Europe, USA and Mexico, with 
artists like John Butcher, Ernst Reijsinger, Birgit Uhler, Thomas Lehn, 
Alan Silva, Dave Tucker, Seth Josel, Hans Tammen, Mario De Vega, Gino 
Robair and many others.
CDs: Pair a Dice - Snake Eyes (1996), Near Vhana (1998) Electroshock - I 
woke up braindead (1999) Wollie Kaisers Timeghost - new traces for old 
faces (2000) Kölner Saxofon Maffia - 20 Jahre Saxuelle Befreiung (2001) 
The Yahoos - Yahoos (2001) U.R.L. - Konfabulation (2002) The Earthieves 
- Earthieves (2002)
Die Schrauber - Live in Mexico (2006)
The KØP - Köln-Oslo-Protocols (2009)

Prof. Dr. Alberto de Campo (* 1964) hat Komposition und Jazz-Gitarre in 
Österreich studiert, und elektronische Musik in den USA. Er war Visiting 
Scholar und Research Director am CREATE (an der UC Santa Barbara); 
danach hat er am IEM Graz und an der Kunsthochschule für Medien 
Köln (KHM) gelehrt. In Köln haben langjährige Zusammenarbeiten begonnen, 
u.a. mit earweego (Ho, Hölzl) und realtime research (M.Mainz).
Im Wintersemester 2004/5 hatte er die Edgard Varèse-Gastprofessur 
für Elektronische Musik an der TU Berlin inne. Von 2005-2007 war 
er lead researcher im Forschungsprojekt 'SonEnvir' (am IEM Graz), das 
mit einem interdisziplinären Team die Anwendbarkeit der Sonifikation von 
Daten für verschiedene wissenschaftliche Disziplinen 
experimentell untersuchte. In diesem Projekt verfasste er zusammen mit 
dem Team zahlreiche Publikationen, und organisierte ein Konzert mit 
Sonifikationen von sozialen Daten für die ICAD 2006 in London 
('Global Music - The world by ear').
Von 2007-2009 war er Professor für Musikinformatik am Institut 
Fuer Musik Und Medien der Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf, 
und seit
2009 ist er Professor für Generative Kunst / Computational Art am 
Institut für zeitbasierte Medien an der Universität der Kü
nste Berlin.
Aktuelle Projekte
* powerbooks_unplugged - ein Ensemble, das just in time programming auf 
unverstärkten Laptops praktiziert.
* Konzerte mit InstrumentalistInnen, u.a. Quiet Noise Quartet, Syntopia 
Ensemble, earweego, ...
* BlippooHazard - vier Instrumentalisten spielen den gleichen analogen 
Synth, die Blippoo box von Rob Hordijk - 'Das Ganze ist die Differenz 
seiner Teile' (mit hans w koch, Joker Nies, Hannes Hölzl).
* Mit Florian Hecker: Neben Live-instrumenten und studio-tools, die 
spezielle Syntheseverfahren implementieren, u.a. die Installationen 
'Asynchronous Jitter', 'Spazio Jens Blauert' (Manifesta 7, 2008), 
zuletzt 'No Night No Day' mit Cerith Wyn Evans, Biennale Venedig 2009, 
demnächst 'Auditory Objects' in Bordeaux.
* Mit Marcus Schmickler und Carsten Goertz: "Bonner Durchmusterung", 
Sonifikation und Visualisierung astronomischer Daten für das Jahr 
der Astronomie, Bonn, Juni 2009.


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