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C. Reider c.reider at vuzhmusic.com
Sun Aug 2 21:38:00 EDT 2009

  The venerable noiseambient composers PBK and C. Reider present  
their first collaborative full length record.

       FROM LINER NOTES: "Over the last ten years PBK had  
occasionally sent source material to C. Reider for collaboration,  
however, the collaboration never came together. Suddenly, earlier  
this year PBK was surprised to find a parcel in the mail from C.  
Reider with the finished master inside. He played it and found the  
mixes to be a new kind of 21st century psychedelic drone space music."
       Released on Poland's Impulsy Stetoskopu. Import limited  
edition of 120 in a slimline DVD case with full color artwork, not  

Very few copies remain!

North America:  (short samples here)


Review by Goat's Den:
Ten years (off and on) in the making, this 7-track, 46-minute  
collaboration between drone composer C. Reider and abstractionist PBK  
is a curious and immersive set of noisy, textured, alien soundscapes,  
with a very proto-industrial feel. Beginning with the befuddling,  
loopily surreal opener (we’ll call it ‘Track 1′), the album gels  
into a far-out set of abstracted sounds, textures, and sound  
collages. Track 4 is a densely-collaged mass of squelch and what  
sounds like manipulated and layered field recordings. Track 5 is more  
woozy, like waking up from a horrible anesthesia experience with your  
head spinning and throbbing. Track 7 wakes from the dream to a  
lilting, ambient journey at the beach, complete with what seems like  
distant waves and seagulls (or was I imagining that? Didn’t hear it  
the second time through). It’s a fitting conclusion to an otherwise  
disorienting journey, and a marvelous one, at that.


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