[Microsound-announce] Synesthesia Recordings

Matteo Milani coloursofnoise at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 11:00:39 EDT 2008

Matteo Milani and Federico Placidi, aka Unidentified Sound Object
[www.usoproject.com], are happy to announce the birth of the label
'Synesthesia Recordings' [www.synesthesiarecordings.com
This label is to be intended as a repository of live improvised
electroacoustic works.
The main goal is to retrieve the late Renaissance praxis of
"Ricercare" intended as exploration of a technical device playing it,
subverting it in different ways. So this kind of "Musica Ricercata"
should be affected by individual approaches to improvisation with
sounds material of any kind, samples, electronic devices, pure sine
generators, transducers. The local and momentary gesture generates a
relational sequenced processes that defines the sonic path from start
to the end. This recordings have to be intended as a "document" or
Simulacra of a solo or collective performance but not as the
performance itself (which is affected by causality relationships and
other environmental and statistical phenomena).

After a huge amount of work, a new project called 'InharmoniCity' is
ready and is available for download via Music Zeit
[www.downloadplatform.com/synesthesia_recordings], our official
distributor for digital releases. Limited edition hard copies will be
available in few days from now via CDeMUSIC

The next step will be a dvd-video release of the same album,
co-produced with Zerofeedback [www.zerofeedback.com] video-label by
our friend visual artist Selfish [www.myspace.com/zerofeedback].
You can find the press releases here
and here [www.synesthesiarecordings.com/press/InharmoniCity_DVD_Press_Release.pdf].

Teaser from the forthcoming dvd release 'InharmoniCity':
Girl Running - U.S.O. from selfish on Vimeo [vimeo.com/1715060]


1) Girl Running (08.48)
2) Invisible Words (12.20)
3) ...from the Past...out of the Future... (40.36)

InharmoniCity is packaged in a 2-panel wallet with artwork by LA-based
artist David Trulli [www.davidtrulli.com]

Best played at high volume in the dark.

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