[microsound-announce] KGB trio in Berlin

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Mon Nov 17 16:08:34 EST 2008

I happen to know that this is at Die Remise, but that's only because I'm 
on their mailing list.... venue info is always important....


Kim Cascone wrote:
> Performance / Installation by KGB Trio  Kim Cascone 
> Guido Henneböhl 
> Brendan Dougherty
> *'Noiseforest' *(homage to David Tudor)
> *Noise Forest *uses amplification of small sounds through contact mics, 
> live processing, electronics, and live performance on found objects.   
> Percussionist Brendan Dougherty abandons the standard drumkit for a 
> collection of junk and amplified objects which are processed / mixes / 
> manipulated digitally (by Kim Cascone - using MAX/MSP) and 
> electronically (by Guido Henneböhl (using cracked + homemade electronis 
> / primitive machines). Inspired by David Tudor's /Rainforest/ installation.
> performances on Friday, Nov 21 at 8pm
> Saturday, Nov 22 from 3pm on (including special guests)

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