[Microsound-announce] Fwd: Canada Council releases Action Plan for 2008-11

CEC jef chippewa jef at econtact.ca
Wed Feb 13 13:05:46 EST 2008

>Ottawa, February 13, 2008 ­ The Canada Council 
>for the Arts today released its Action Plan for 
>the next three years, including plans for the 
>distribution of $31.5 million in new funding in 
>In July 2007, the federal government announced 
>an ongoing $30 million increase to the Council¹s 
>parliamentary appropriation, bringing the 
>government¹s annual investment in the Council to 
>over $180 million.  The announcement followed 
>one-time increases to the Council¹s funding of 
>$20 million in 2006-2007 and $30 million in 
>2007-2008.  The Council has also increased its 
>funding for arts project grants by $1.5 million 
>on a permanent basis, which brings the total 
>amount of new ongoing funding to $31.5 million.
>The full text of the Action Plan is available on 
>the Canada Council¹s web site at

et en français:


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