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february 12, 2008
For a special tribute edition of parisian Aligre FM's "Songs of Praise" I dug up the original 
audio cassette recording of an interview we did with Karlheinz Stockhausen more 
than twenty five years ago, in november 1982, at the time he was composing 
Samstag aus Licht and with family and friends/collaborators for a period of thirty five
days 'occupied' the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (the Netherlands). 

This SoundBlog edition's podcast consists in a special 30 minutes 'Stockhausen on 
dictaphone' reportage around three large audio extracts taken from this historic 
recording, in which Stockhausen, among other things elaborates on the process of 
composing his thirteenth piano piece (Lucifer's Dream), on the nature of time, on pop 
music, on what's wrong with collage, and on the 'terrible decadence' of western
and western music in particular ...

(Please respect this audio file's attribution/non-commercial creative commons licence.)

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