[Microsound-announce] Orchestral music with recordings ?

CEC jef chippewa jef at econtact.ca
Fri Feb 1 10:06:23 EST 2008

At 04:49 -0500 1/31/08, DuncanHoot at aol.com wrote:
>For a Philharmonia Orchestra education project 
>I'm trying to find some more examples of 
>Orchestral music (could be chamber orchestra 
>size as well as a large ensemble) that feature 
>recorded material as a component.

[F] puisque ce genre de question apparaît de 
temps en temps, depuis un moment je ceuillis les 
réponses et je les ai posté sur le wiki de la 
CEC.  je vous invite à y contribuer!

[E] since this sort of question comes up from 
time to time, i have been gathering bits of info 
and have now compiled what i have and posted it 
on the CEC's wiki.  please feel free to 


jef chippewa


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