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This is your link to everlasting (well, saltygrained) joy with the
unique sounds of Trautonium and laptop treated Trautonium, a free mp3
album download full thereoff, by electronic musician Tomoroh Hidari (for
various sakes here operating under his birth name oliver stummer)
together with Austrian avant-garde writer, media artist and musician
Liesl Ujvary.
Trautonium jetztzeit was a concert as part of the exhibition
“Zauberhafte Klangmaschinen” by IMA in Austrian Hainburg. A show which
should give every synth and electronic music and electronics geek and
basically every mortal in the realms of electronic music wet dreams, as
it is a great show of its history.
Here is a link to the exhibition webpage:
<http://www.ima.or.at/klangmaschinen/?p=15&language=en> &language=en
we did a live concert on December 4th (the recording of which i am
currently editing and mastering), and previously to the gig, we also
made a cd with a few tracks of Trautonium music. there is a long track
done by liesl and a series of 4 tracks by myself as oliver stummer 
on my tracks you hear a short piece of me playing the Trautonium
unedited. track two is only Trautonium, but edited together tape-music
track three features Trautonium and computer-treated Trautonium sounds
and track 4 is only computer-treated Trautonium -sounds

the most interesting thing about the trautonium is it's manual - not the
usual keyboard, but a string over a metal plate that allows for real
glissandi, etc.
it often sounds raw and noisy (no wonder, one of the main features being
a noise generator), but especially the subharmonic generaters - THEE
unique feat, so to say, gives really interesting and outstanding

öliver/tomoroh hidari
Tomoroh Hidari - Also Spoke Zerothruster - out now!!!:
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