[microsound-announce] beta intrepid traveller website up

Graham Miller grahammiller at sympatico.ca
Sat Dec 13 21:48:02 EST 2008


finally, i have some sort of website!
it's basic, but something is better than nothing:) indexhibit is  
pretty cool for www noobs like me...

big thanks to matthew shaw for helping up set it up and all the  
amazing graphic design work he's done... check out his stuff here:


he comes highly recommended for all your microsonic needs:)

i put up a couple of my live shows and also i have a copy of my MA  
thesis on techno and sci-fi sound design...

not that much in so far as microsound goes, but i hope to populate  
the 'studio experiments' sections with all kinds of loops and sounds  
for your remixing and collaborative pleasures...

feel free to check it out and download away!

all the best,

graham aka the intrepid traveller

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