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richard chartier . update
december 2008

hello and an early happy holidays to you all.
i am overjoyed about my country electing Obama, and hopeful for a  
i hope the final month of 2008 brings you much happiness and 2009 even  


a limited number of these & other releases are available via the online
paypal SHOP [ http://www.3particles.com ]:

EDITION CD . _Absence  _ [ 3particles, US ]  special limited edition  
of 50
signed and numbered cds on lettepressed insert, released in  
conjunction with
the opening of the show "Absence/Presence". only a few left.

CD . William Basinski + Richard Chartier _untitled 1-3 _ [ LINE [ http://12k.com/line 
  ], US ]
special reissue of the long out of print spekk cd now with 2 new  

CD . _Further Materials_ [ LINE [ http://www.12k.com/line ], USA ]    
all compilation recordings from
2002-2005 (including collaborative works with Taylor Deupree)

10x7" BOX SET . Recovery [ Fractured Recordings [ http://www.fracturedrecordings.com 
  ], UK ] . limited edition
of 500 numbered copies. Essay by Kamal Ackarie on the notion of covers  
tributes.  Artists doing covers include: Ryoji Ikeda, Carsten Nicolai,
Christian Fennesz, Mika Vanio, Johaan Johaanson, Monolake, b j nilsen,  
Stenger, :zoviet*france, People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz, J.G.Thirlwell,  
Carter  +  Cosey Fanni Tutti, snd, Momus and Gremlin, Matmos , Nicebox
(Richard  Chartier  &  CoH),   Paradise  Island (Jenny Hoyston), Donna
Summer/Jason Forrest, Robert Lippok, Mouse on Mars.  CoH and I are  
"bleak  is  my favourite cliché" by Soft Cell. my first foray into POP
music... and I actually do vocals.

you can also purchase downloads of many releases via  Emusic [ http://www.emusic.com 
  ] + Boomkat [ http://www.boomkat.com ]
+ Itunes [ http://www.itunes.com/richardchartier ]


BOOKING  . my live performance work now represented by [ http://www.shaktimusic.ch 
  ]Shatki Music
Management & Booking in Switzerland.

CD . [ http://www.60project.com%20 ]60º Project  - The Huddersfield  
Contemporary Music Festival is
celebrating the 60th anniversary of musique concrete and the  
pioneering work
of Pierre Schaeffer by commissioning 60º by Mathew Adkins. This highly
exciting  and  adventurous work will involve the contribution of sound
materials by 60 composers from around the world. We would like to  
invite you
to be one of the participating composers. artists include: AGF, François
Bayle, Mira Calix, Richard Chartier, Francis Dhomont, Lawrence English,
Erikm, Christian Fennesz, Tim Hecker, Christina Kubisch, Francisco  
Stephan Mathieu, Steve Roden, Scanner, Janek Schaefer, Conrad  
Sogar, Terre Thaemlitz, David Toop and many more. The concept behind the
project is ingenious. Rather than celebrating Schaeffer's achievements
through curating a concert of historical works, Adkins and the hcmf  
Director  Graham  McKenzie have decided to invite 60 sound artists and
composers to each contribute 60 sounds. Each of these sounds will then  
made  available  to all of the participants who will then create sound
fragments based on this material. This material will then be mixed by  
in the studios of INA-GRM in July 2008. The work will be premiered on  
November 2008 at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. The  
will also mark the release of the work on CD [ Empreinte Digitales [ http://www.empreintesdigitales.com 
Canada ].

NOMINATION  .  _Absence [ http://www.3particles.com/03_discography/03_A_solo/03_a_35.html 
  ]_  for  Kraft  Prize  for New Media [ http://www.wpadc.org ]WPA [
Washington, DC ]

LIVE ._ _[ http://www.exrealm.com ]Exrealm [ Tokyo, Japan ] December  
27, 2008

CURATORIAL  . _Colorfield Variations [ http://www.12k.com/line/03_releases/03_a_38.html 
  ]_: video program @ [ http://www.exrealm.com ]Exrealm [
Tokyo, Japan ] December 27, 2008

DVD.  _Colorfield Variations_. with works by:  Frank Bretschneider, Alan
Callander, Chris Carter + Cosey Fanni Tutti (Chris & Cosey / Throbbing
Gristle),  Sue Costabile, Evelina Domnitch + Dmitry Gelfand, Mark Fell
(SND/Blir) + Ernest Edmonds, Tina Frank + General Magic, Ryoichi  
Stephan Mathieu, Steve Roden, Sawako, and Bas Van Koolwijk. curated by
Richard Chartier. [ LINE [ http://www.12k.com/line ], US ]  NTSC. Jan  

EXHIBIT . collaborative installation work exhibit with artist Linn
Meyers [ http://www.linnmeyers.com ]. [ http:// 
www.artgallery.umd.edu ]Art Gallery University of Maryland . this work  
will be a huge
scale  floor drawing by Linn Meyers and a 10 channel sound work by me.
February 11- March 13, 2009

LIVE . [ http://www.thestonenyc.com ]The Stone with Steve Roden [ New  
York, NY ] Feb 25, 2009

CD . _TBC_ [ [ http://www.nonvisualobjects.com ]NonVisualObjects, AT ]  
March 2009

LIVE . TBC [ Paris, France ] April 2009 (to be confirmed)

DVD  .  Sonolevitation  (with  Evelina  Domnitch  + Dmitry Gelfand) on
Optofonica [ http://www.optofonica.com ] [ LINE [ http://www.12k.com/line 
  ], US ] May 2009

COLLABORATION . Asmus Tietchens and I have begun production on the next
collaborative recording together. Starting from a strange new work  
that was
very unusual for me (at parts sounding like an homage to my friend  
this is leading us into non-tietchens/non-chartier worlds.

CURATORIAL . I am currently curating a large scale sound/video  
exhibit at the [ http://www.artgallery.umd.edu ]Art Gallery of the  
University of Maryland [ USA ] in Sept
2009. tentatively titled "Data Waves / Audio Lines" more information  
can be
found under EXHBITS/CURATORIAL on my website.

COLLABORATION . with Taylor Deupree. a new work based on the sounds  
from one of Harry Bertoia's sound sculptures.

COLLABORATION/COMPILATION. Sirens. Project direction by: Thanasis  
| Novi_sad.  Participants: Bruce Cawdron [Godspeed You! Black Emperor],
Richard Chartier, Beckie Foon [A silver Mt. zion, Set fire to flames],
Jacob Kirkegaard, Helge Sten [Deathprod, Supersilent]

COLLABORATION . with CoH. as NICE BOX. an intriguing potential post-pop

in other news...

Apartment  Therapy [ http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/dc/house-tours/house-tour-richard-roberts-orange-purple-green-oasis-washington-dc-064843 
  ] recently did a featured house tour of our home,
perhaps its not the minimal white translucent cube you suspected i  
lived in?
: )


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