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 test tube news ~ #018 ~ dec 2008 


Greetings nice people,

It seems that my personal life is eating up more and more of my 'netlabel time'. More than a year ago I promised that our newsletter wouldn't be out more than once a month and now from this distance that promise seems not more than an understatement. Reality check: I wish that I had enough time and subject to do a monthly newsletter!
Anyway, it could be worse... I could not have enough spare time for the netlabel, so I guess I'm lucky.

Another 12 releases later, and here we are, a bit closer to another christmas, another end of the year, another handful - make that several handfuls - of releases for the collection. In our next newsletter, and let's hope it will come out early in January, we will cover our 'best of' of 2008. Our personal faves as well as our top downloaded releases. I will also check out some of the websites that usually support the netaudio scene and round up some of their suggestions. Don't miss it... I'll try not to miss it as well :)

So... have a nice family reunion, enjoy your holidays and your xmas presents, eat and drink, spread the love, have fun, and we'll get together next january for a recap.

Ta da! 


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