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here are some news about recent and upcoming radio activities.

the show for radia.fm is already online here:
Contributions by Antonio Della Marina, O.Blaat, Ben Owen, Noid, Hervé  
Birolini, Rob Curgenven, Maksis Shenteliev and Jason Kahn. Added  
sounds from Yannick Dauby, Jeph Jarman, Yehlin Lee, Alejandra &  
Aeron, Seth Nihil and myself.

upcoming: Radiophonic 2007
radio festival in Brussels! A full four hour show will be broadcast  
on the 28th October from 20:00 hours (CET) using material streamed  
live by participating radios and rebroadcast in FM and the web. i'll  
be (re)broadcasting from radiozero in Lisbon. it will be lots of fun!

and next saturday-to-sunday night,  another "doisaoquadrado", the 6  
hours show on national radio,
from 1am to 7am. lisbon gmt

wel, there' more...

sound of space
weekly radio show documenting multiple relations and strategies  
between sound and space
presented by paulo raposo

Radio Zero, Lisbon, member of Radia
Every friday, 20.30, repeats monday 11.00h


this week,
listen to Dave Philips work "Insect"

#30 "...Why do insects exist? There are more than  a million insect  
types - and thus theoretically also more than a million answers" This  
work is exclusively made of insect sounds, and many of them, as dave  
demonstrates, are dignified musicians.

previous:    21.09.07

#29  Alejandra & Aeron have been exploring the sounds of everyday  
life, taking notes on (hauted) folklore and ancestral roots and  
rediscovering community rituals.

podcast: feed://podcast.radio.ist.utl.pt/soundofspace.xml
search the full list of programs here:
and find the interviews with Jgrzinich, Marc Behrens, Gilles Aubry  
and many others.

thanks for listening!

Paulo Raposo


proposals are welcome. please send your material, on any known audio  
format, to the address below.  if you have any questions, drop me a  
thanks for your support and contribution.

Sound Of Space c/o Paulo Raposo
rua cidade nova lisboa, 220, 5A
1800 Lisboa - Portugal
Paulo Raposo
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: radio
) sound of space ))) feed://podcast.radio.ist.utl.pt/soundofspace.xml
) 2 ao quadrado )))   http://www.rdp.pt/antena2

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