[Microsound-announce] 2 new songs

Philippe Petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Fri Oct 6 08:22:03 EDT 2006

hope your Fall starts nicely...
been 2 months since we first joined the "My Space community", a real  
pleasure so far receiving very nice messages, and amazingly  
flattering comments
almost 8 000 of you visited, thanx for the support, very appreciated

feel free to listen to the 2 new posted tracks, "Dark-blue moonlight"  
features the great voice/text from Black Sifichi...
Only an extract as it normally lasts 12 minutes...


Second one is :
Sonic Glimpses (of the wriggling warm sand from Venus)

We been invited to contribute a song to the series of compilations in  
tribute to John Peel.
Peelie having featured BiP_HOp as label of the month + interviewed  
for BBC I was very happy to accept.
His radio show is sadly missed...

Been working on a collaborative song with My Brightest Diamond, we  
sent her an instrumental and she sung, which will appear on the disc  
of remixes of her critically acclaimed album "Bring me the  
workhorse" (Asthmatic Kitty)...


More on that soon...

hope you will enjoy our new songs
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