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bruce tovsky bruce at skeletonhome.com
Thu Oct 5 15:33:08 EDT 2006

October @ Diapason Gallery for Sound and Intermedia

Bruce Tovsky / UNDERPASS

10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28
Performances begin at 8:30pm
Installation and listening station runs 6pm - midnight
(performance is approximately one hour.)

I am extraordinarily pleased to report that I will be presenting my video/sound piece UNDERPASS at Diapason Gallery during the month of October. UNDERPASS will be performed live on four successive Saturdays: October 7, 14, 21, 28 at 8:30pm. It will also be running as an installation from 6pm to midnight each of these nights. In addition, there will be a headphone listening station with selected excerpts from the binaural field recordings I made while developing the piece. UNDERPASS is in three sections - a single channel section, a diptych and a triptych. In the performance, each of the three sections will be accompanied by an improvised sound performance - a solo for the single channel section, a duo for the diptych and a trio for the triptych. Here is the lineup as it stands now, changes will be announced as they occur...

October 7
bruce tovsky
zach layton
michael schumacher

October 14
bruce tovsky
andy graydon
john hudak
kato hideki

October 21
bruce tovsky
richard garet
bryan eubanks
ben owen	

October 28
bruce tovsky
gill arno
matt ostrowski

here's a short description of the piece:

UNDERPASS was inspired by many walks around and underneath the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges, the Prospect Expressway and beneath many of the elevated subway tracks around Brooklyn. I found some amazing resonant spaces on these walks, and began recording them with my binaural recording rig. Over a period of three years I did several several sets of recordings in these locations, and extensive video recording as well. As I began assembling the piece I thought about the lengthy gestation of the piece and of ways I could allude to this and deconstruct the image over a period of time. Various timelapse techniques were experimented with, as well as various contexts - I have been working with video in diptych and triptych form for a few years and it was a natural progression to structure the piece in this form. The idea of three sections, with a gradual accretion of image and sound, came near the very end; and the pairing of each section with a mirroring sound performance seemed to be required. UNDERPASS was first presented at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, NY, in October of 2005, with guest sound artists John Hudak on resonator guitar and laptop, and Brooks Williams on laptop. A workshop version of the UNDERPASS installation was presented in November of 2005 at my space 106BLDG30 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

I'm delighted that many of my favorite performers (and collaborators) will be on hand, along with a couple of artists whose work I know and respect, but whom I have never worked with before. It's going to be an exciting series.

Diapason is located at 1026 Avenue of the Americas between 38th and 39th Streets, two blocks south of Bryant Park.
Subways: 1, 2, 3, 9, B, D, F, Q, N, R, W to Times Square/42nd Street
(212) 719-4393

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