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N Collective tour USA Eastcoast October 2006

The N Collective will visit the USA this month, including Washington DC, NYC
and Baltimore. Various groups and people will perform live concerts, present
5.1 surround pieces and hold lectures on STEIM, LiSa, Super Collider and

The program:
* Oct 6-7 Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington DC
    Groups: USA/USB, MoHa!, SKIF++, DB, Office-R(6), Pho, 5.1 surround
compositions by Robert van Heumen & Jeff Carey
    Website & schedule: http://www.dc-soniccircuits.org/index.html /
* Oct 7 Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington DC
    lecture Robert van Heumen (STEIM/LiSa) ­ 3pm at the Warehouse Screening
* Oct 10, Flywheel, Easthampton MA
    Groups: SKIF++, USA/USB, DB
    Website & schedule: http://www.flywheelarts.org/
* Oct 12, The Tank, NYC - 10:00PM
    Groups: SKIF++, DB, MoHa!
    Website & schedule: http://www.thetanknyc.org/
* Oct 13, ITP / New York University (NYU), NYC
    lecture Robert van Heumen (STEIM/LiSa) & Jeff Carey (Super Collider)
from 12 ­ 1:15PM at  ITP, 721 Broadway (at Waverly Place), 4th floor
* Oct 13, Diapason Gallery, NYC - 8:30PM
    Groups: SKIF++, DB, USA/USB, 5.1 surround compositions by Robert van
Heumen & Jeff Carey
    Website & schedule: http://www.diapasongallery.org/
* Oct 14, Redroom, Baltimore - 8:30PM
    Groups: SKIF++, MoHa!
    Website & schedule: http://www.redroom.org/
* Oct 15, St. John's Church, Baltimore - 8:00PM
    Groups: SKIF++ 
    Website & schedule: http://www.stjohnsbaltimore.org/CRP.htm
* Oct 16, University of Maryland (UMBC), Baltimore
    lecture Robert van Heumen (STEIM/LiSa), Bas van Koolwijk
(MAX/Msp/Jitter) & Jeff Carey (Super Collider) ­ time and place to be

N Collective
The N Collective is a pan-European group of instrumentalists and composers
who work together in many constellations in support of group and individual
projects. The core unit of about 9 composers and instrumentalists can expand
into approximately 20 people. Musical activities range from purely composed
acousmatic electronics to acoustic ensemble pieces, electro-acoustic
improvisation and many sub-variants. For the past couple of years N
Collective groups have been touring regularly throughout Europe and
performing in festivals such as Transmediale, Borealis, Rumor, YULE and have
released a dozen CD(R) releases on labels like: Lampse, Rune Grammophon,
Staalplaat, JDK Productions, ERS Records, NoTV (Universal) and X-OR.
Recently, the collective has produced a number N Events in Amsterdam, Norway
(Bergen, Stavanger), Geneva and Berlin.  These events showcase a variety of
N constellations including the core ensembles like OfficeR and PHO,
acousmatic pieces by Jeff Carey and Robert van Heumen, and smaller groups
like USA/USB, MoHa! and SKIF++.

More info on http://humanelectric.net or http://www.n-collective.com .

This tour is funded by
The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities and the National Endowment
for the Arts USA
Fonds voor Amateurkunst en Podiumkunsten NL
Gaudeamus, Donemus, DJC, Netherlands Culture Fund NL
Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere NO
STEIM Foundation Amsterdam NL

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