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Till Kniola yves_tk at gmx.net
Thu Nov 30 18:39:27 EST 2006

please excuse the x-post

dear all,
some news from us:

concerts + activities

new release on aufabwegen
FEAR FALLS BURNING: The Rainbow Mirrors A Burning Heart LP
300 copies, handnumbered
available from 12.12.2006

asmus tietchens + dj zipo play some dates:
01.12.2006, berne/switzerland, reset/market, http://www.r3s3t.ch
03.12.2006, aarau/switzerland, kunstraum, http://www.kunstraumaarau.ch
04.12.2006, cologne, kulturbunker muelheim,

other live dates:
08.12.2006: geraeuschwelten 34: bernd schurer, marcus maeder (beide domizil,
ch) + frank niehusmann (essen), muenster, cuba,
10.12.2006: embrace #4: bernd schurer/marcus maeder vs. joseph suchy
(entenpfuhl/sonig) - presentation of sounds derived in the kulturbunker,
koeln, kulturbunker muelheim, http://www.kulturbunker-muelheim.de
14.12.2006: MERZBOW + MY CAT IS AN ALIEN, koeln, kulturbunker,

19.12.2006: reconstructing song @ stadtgarten cologne: EKKEHARD EHLERS +
Band, DJs Markus Detmer (Staubgold + Zipo [aufabwegen], and more,

new items in at our virtual store by leif elggren, daniel menche, maeror
tri, beequeen, the new blockaders, werkbund, etc. check:

thanks for your time.

a u f a b w e g e n
p.o.box 100152
50441 cologne

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