[Microsound-announce] darmstadt presents: eyewash at the SPIEGELTENT 8/7

zach layton zachlayton at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 4 11:59:06 EDT 2006

Hey everyone...

I'm very excited to announce a series of darmstadt "classics of the avant
garde" events at the world famous spiegeltent.  There are going to be some
incredible performances down at the south street seaport (i.e. Diamanda
Galas) at this huge performance tent (like the kind marlene dietrich sang
in during 30s Berlin according to this week's New Yorker).  I was asked to
present 6 shows at the Spiegel Tent and am happy to announce that the
first one will be this coming monday, august 7th at 10pm featuring
EYEWASH.  See below for details:


EyeWash *Spiegel*

Monday, August 7th
in the Speigeltent at South Street Seaport
10pm-1am, admission: $10
for tickets log on to

featured artists include:
CHiKA + Zach Layton
Adam Kendall + Bradford Reed + Julia Ritter
VisualHornHonking + DJ ActivePhaze + Urban Wash Dance
FMT + DJ Duane Reade + Aerial Acrobat Michelle Dortignac
Peter Shapiro + the Swirl Girls

After wowing audiences the world over, the Spiegeltent has finally landed
in New York City! A wondrous 1920’s venue of billowing velvet, stained
glass, teak, and a thousand mirrors, Spiegeltent resides on the north side
of Pier 17 at South Street Seaport (facing the Brooklyn Bridge) behind the
Fulton Fish Market.

This special EyeWash event is a part of the Darmstadt “Classics of the
Avant Garde” series hosted by Zach Layton. For directions to Spiegeltent
click here.

about the artists:

CHiKA + Zach Layton pair up for the Spiegeltent with a rare performance of
“Time is on My Side”, a remix of Irma Thomas’ classic of New Orleans R&B.
Zach’s series of resonant echo chamber effects push Irma’s haunting vocals
into an abyss of floating harmony while Chika’s visuals evoke a fickering
beauty comparable to 18th Century French ornamental design.

The trio of Adam Kendall + Bradford Reed + Julia Ritter presents a truly
improvisational performance, combining artforms using their ears, eyes and
limbs, and avoiding automated or reactive systems. Ritter brings her
original choreography, Reed brings his self-made Pencilina (a stringed
percussion instrument), and Kendall brings his custom video applications.

VisualHornHonking + ActivePhaze + Urban Wash Dance Company present a redux
of their art dialogue about creation, convergence, and exploration of the
human element in mulitmedia. Focusing on a similiar connection to each
medium –video, dance, and music– through the common thread of journey,
illusion, question, and definition.

FMT + DJ Duane Reade + Aerial Acrobat Michelle Dortignac collaborate with
visuals, sound, and suspension in an ambient mix exploring themes of
replication and reproduction in the natural world and the power of life

Peter Shapiro + the Swirl Girls Miss Maricar and Eeva the Flava unite
gravity defiant HoOpALCiOus movement and mixing elements of media to
experiment beyond the parameters and elements of your technology and


Upcoming Darmstadt @ Spiegel:

8.21 - Gisburg, Moth, Blarvuster
8.28 - ICE Ensemble (international Contemporary Ensemble)
9.11 - David Linton's UNITY GAIN
9.18 - Ignovomous Presents: AV Geeks, Found Footage Festival, LoVid,
Mighty Robot AV
9.25 - S.E.M. Ensemble



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