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Subject: [routeslist] new miscegeny jams: robert horton, maths balance volumes......

m8: robert horton "boot" cdr - latest helping from the ever-prolific horton...this one eschews his trademark wobbly layers of guitar/vibrator/keys/god knows what else to focus solely on the sound of the mysterious "boot", which may or may not be a stringed instrument of his invention. a lotta short pieces here, with horton coaxing out notes that seem to choke and sing at the same time, circling around each other in fragmented rhythmic patterns... very haunting stuff... 100 copies.

m9: capra "invocation dance party" cdr - recent solo joint from this montana-based loner...shut up in a windowless room with only his turntable, korg 770, and a lotta bad weed for company, capra churns out brain-draining loops and noise flare-ups that would certainly have weirdos like boyd rice and don bolles soiling their jammies with glee... think of the first 30 seconds of cromagnon's "orgasm" stretched out over an entire album and you're partly there.... 50 copies.

m10: maths balance volumes "black husk" cdr - most low-key maths recording in a while, and one of the best...mostly short pieces, with childlike melodies being forced into repetitious and grime-covered songs, trance-inducing synth/percussion grooves, black holes of tape murk, lullabies, and a few large ensemble explosions of rock n' noise... 50 copies.

m11: gender slave "charlie's daughter" cdr - the totally inexplicable calling card of one zachery allen zoet...short, intense songs about girls who like tractor pulls, watching tv, and not being a commie...dunno.... 20 copies, $5. 

back catalog still kicking:
czolgosz - "buffalo gentleman" cs
gas shepherds/maths balance volumes - "trash castles 1" cs
maths balance volumes - "cattle piss/scent of hathor" cs
paclumpcest - "join me in the ruins of the sewer" 3" cdr

related, non-miscegeny stuff available:
czolgosz - "seance" cdr (267 lattajjaa)
(soon) maths balance volumes - "sometimes a mind..." cdr (paha porvari)

cdrs: $8 ppd
3"cdrs: $6 ppd
tapes: $5 ppd
overseas add a couple bucks
paypal to: xtrysterox at hotmail.com or twentybarrelsworth at hotmail.com

we like trades, get in touch...



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