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Slub sound emerges from slub software; melodic and chordal studies, 
generative experiments and beat processes.
process-based sonic improvisations; live generative music using hand-crafted 
Macintosh and Unix applications (in networked synchrony). With roots in UK 
electronica and tech culture, slub build their own software environments for 
creating music in realtime. Only custom composition and DSP software is 
used. Everything you hear is formed by human minds.

Slub have performed throughout Europe and the U.K and have released their 
music through the fals.ch mp3 label - http://fals.ch/f4ls_02/d!_mAIx.php. 
8bitrecs - http://8bitrecs.com/ and fallt - http://www.fallt.com/

For CYRK, slub will be presenting a live audio/visual performance.



COUNT (cyrk) -

Hand made modular synthesis, purring broken techno, gaussian drones, 
arpeggiated arrhythms, next generation computer music, live 

For CYRK, Edinburgh based artist Count will perform using self built live 
audio processing software.



Microtonal drones, phase interference & ‘70s bicycles.

>From a background in cassette tape manipulation, circuit bending, delay 
lines and feedback. Matt's work has developed and he has since used 
spectralism as a process by which to explore the basic nature of 
environmental and instrumental sound. ''Spectralism provides a means by 
which I can explore the properties of a sound source without being 
necessarily bound to its physical origin''.
Recent work has included algorithmic, generative music systems and the 
processing of instrumental sound, a digital development of his initial tape 
construction methods.

For CYRK, Matthew will perform an audio/visual performance of extended 
drones and 70's bicycle video.



DJ WRONGSPEED (Resonance fm)

For CYRK, Dj Wrongspeed is the invited Guest DJ.





Your CYRK host and compere for the evening will be RICHARD THOMAS 
(Banality-Resonance fm)


Tuesday 19th April 2005. 19:30pm - 01:00am
@bardens boudoir 38-44 Stoke Newington Road,London N16

£3.£5 after 11.

info- CYRK at antisocial.com

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