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Thu Apr 14 18:54:32 EDT 2005

a fancy name, but information not to miss

held at the Chelsea Museum NYC in partner with The New Museum Of 
Contemporary Art

   [ FW from Paul D. Miller ]

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Fri April 15  6:30 - 9:30 pm

Come by!
Rhythm Science by Paul D. Miller (MIT Press) - the book!

the website: www.rhythmscience.com

Rhythm Science:
Panel Participants

Hank Shocklee - Producer of Public Enemy
Kodwo Eshun - theoretician, author "More Brilliant than the Sun"
(with Anjali Sagar)
Christoph Cox - writer, editor of "Audio Culture"
Catherine Corman - author, Film-maker
Siva Vaidynathan - Author of "Copyrights, Copywrongs" and "The
Anarchist in the Library"
Daniel Bernard Roumain - composer
Colin Mutchler - Director, www.freeculture.org


Keywords: Hip-hop, house, techno, jungle, ambient, noise, Sampling, Dj
Culture, Eduoard Glissant - "creolization" as applied to digital media.
Collage, Dematerialization of the art-object, archeaology of code,
sequence, prosthetic realism, multi-culturalism, polyculturalism,
transculturalism etc

I'd recommend coming early, because the spot will be crazy packed...

A series of axioms, moment/scripts. Ideological frameworks for
translation frames. Operating systems for Contemporary Multimedia Art

Sequence begins:


Action 1:
The situation is critical. Layers of memory are the foundation for
information exchange between generations. This is the forum: As
different operating systems come and go, the ability to read between  
based on code diminishes. This leads to the archival impulse -  memory
filtered through the machinery of culture. An archeology of  vernacular
modes: Y2k etc etc - abbreviations based on limited memory  space become
obsolete as the price of memory decreases. All languages  of software 
operating systems become tied to their specific eras.

Action 2:
When memory no longer is based on physical space, and the capacity of
20th century physical devices hard-drives etc), the realm of wireless
imagination becomes the enframing linguistic space of the 21st

Action 3:
Move into the frame

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