[microsound] image sonification techniques

Kovács Balázs mmi at art.pte.hu
Tue Jan 10 02:49:43 EST 2012

  dear Dara, Christopher, List
excuse me, i absolutely misunderstood the mail:)) (art of failures...)
and join Dara to express congratulations for the work.

2012.01.09. 23:03 keltezéssel, Kovács Balázs írta:
>  Hi Dara,
> sorry for the late response, and many thanks for the support!
> i plan to begin the interaction-based works in the last part of the 
> project, probably
> the next week? i built a basic eye/mouth follower 
> (http://vimeo.com/31281227),
> but i don't have experiences with phoneme recognition... anyway it 
> would be very
> good to include it in the series, so if You have idea, then welcome 
> and i would join
> in! maybe i could also develop a system for the end of the next weak, 
> but as i see
> you have experiences in the field with this wonderful "Beginning" work!
> All the best,
> Balázs
> 2012.01.09. 22:48 keltezéssel, Dara Shayda írta:
>> Hello Sir
>> I would be interested in image-synth sort of ideas for human motion 
>> as you prototyped in this wonderful work.
>> Facial muscular motions for pronouncing the phonemes would be a good 
>> start, does not have to be about dancing.
>> Also eye motion tracking is another wonderful domain for image  synth.
>> Dara
>> On 2012-01-07, at 1:34 PM, christopher jette wrote:
>>> Glad to see this topic has come up, enjoying the results.  I have 
>>> also been doing some work with scan synthesis, although I was 
>>> working with a dancer as input. (http://vimeo.com/28209478).  The 
>>> project is resting and evolving at this time, but we are going to 
>>> reopen it in a few weeks and perform in Palo Alto.
>>> Cheers~
>>> Christopher


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