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Hello Balázs 

This is great  work and I am really pleased to see such modern approach to composition and understanding of both music and geometry. 

Hope to hear more work form you and your colleagues

On 2012-01-07, at 2:02 AM, Kovács Balázs wrote:

> Hi microsound list,
> i'm currently working on a daily image sonification project
> (http://soundsofpictures.blogspot.com), which targets to
> present existing and under-development mapping approaches.
> I'm looking for sources to build the topology topology
> which could provide an overview of this field, but
> didn't found, so if somebody has suggestions then welcome!
> Anyway the project is of course open to cooperations.
> so, currently i'm following this topology, and would like to
> expand it with new fields:
> 1) materialist approaches
> - data bending audification
> - scanning synthesis, color synth, pixel to frequency mapping
> - histogram to spectral processing
> 2) perceptual approach
> - computer vision (great sources by Jean-Marc Pelletier)
> 	- edge, shape detection, background extraction on videos or
> still images,
> - computer vision to spatialization
> 3) interactive approaches
> - data exploration (it has literature, Gil Weinberg-Tr. Thatcher for ex.)
> - model based sonification (it has also literature, Th. Hermann etc.)
> - recoursive techniques (the sound output feeds back the mapping)
> and the endless variations of them.
> more ideas welcome, and if somebody feels that has a topic which fits
> in the project, please contact me!
> and for avoiding the monthly reminder, i'm not posting to the
> announce list because i expect response from the community, and those
> list isn't the place for it.
> best/thanks,
> Balázs
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