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Jeffrey Melton jeffreymelton at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 15:48:07 EST 2011

I enjoy using synthPond and Aura Flux on my iPhone for generative music,
though I haven't kept up with newer apps. I have been meaning to checkout
Curtis granular synth. TouchOSC and Konkreet performer are good controllers
for OSC-compatible desktop apps.
http://the-palm-sound.blogspot.com/ and
http://www.creativeapplications.net/are both good blogs for creative
mobile apps (the first not just for iOS,
the second not just for mobile music). Synthtopia.com and
CreateDigitalMusic.com cover mobile apps occasionally but not exclusively.

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 3:25 PM, Kurt Nimmo <kanimmo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all. I am new to the list this afternoon. Am wondering if there has
> been any discussion about the emerging art of music creation using the
> iphone and related devices. I have yet to search through the archive -- I do
> not see an easy way to do so, although I may have missed it.
> I have purchased several apps but they are more geared for techno and
> beat-centric electronic music (with the exception of Eno's apps). Am curious
> if anybody has been following developments on this and if there might be a
> list I can subscribe to. I am particularly interested in generative music
> and or sound.
> Thanks!
> Kurt
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