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  I haven’t watched the Video in question…though I shall.

  I have listened to the Official Mort aux Vache s Ekstra Extra Walkt hro…  and other recordings. 

  -have also discovered that there are certain compositions which impressed me before I realized they were from the Goodiepal.

  I see it as a sort of opera where his nerve or neurosis is a force in itself , it does indeed challenge the listener. It is difficult to tell if he is often describing his own psychological state or a hypothesis, extreme in order to broaden horizons, open new vistas.

  I especially liked the mp3 where he described the rare neurological condition where the victim would be rendered incompetent by middle age and therefor couldn’t responsibly commit himself to an emotional relationship. If I am able to locate the title and a link I’ll share it with the list.


On Feb 9, 2011, at 8:09 PM, Boris Klompus wrote:

> I saw Goodiepal last year in New York. These are a few quotes of his I jotted down:
> "media art has a sell point of it holds a hell of a lot of technology."
> [him giving an example of a well received piece of media art] "These birds here, flying, they aren't birds. They're connected to the stock market through the web. And them fighting here, that's the economic collapse in Mogadishu." 
> [on documentation] "the point is to notate what happens between musical objects when not in the music."
> Later in his talk, and I don't think he directly connected it with the previous quote, but he showed off a book he made "to challenge the composer": it  was a book of mostly of blank white pages.

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