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Kurt Nimmo kanimmo at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 20:00:04 EDT 2011

Kim, no disrespect taken. However, I am not sure I understand your response.
FUD? Well, my Scottish ancestors used this as a word to designate a certain
area of female anatomy, but I don't think this is what you meant. I
certainly am not fearful, uncertain, nor do I doubt Linux -- it simply does
not work for me and all the silly advocacy is bothersome, same as the Mac
advocacy and pettiness and acolyte behavior.

I have more FUD when it comes to the government than a mere OS.

I am not accusing you of such. I happen to work with a couple of Linux
critters who glare down the slope of their noses at us lowly Mac and Win

I use a computer as a tool. It is not a philosophy for me. I use a Mac
because it works (for me) better than a Windows machine. I used the latter
for more than 20 years and did so with little complaint until a kettle of
idiots began exploiting the OS with malware and viruses. I was a web
developer in the mid-90s and hated Mac OS 9. I took a lot of heat for
departing the Mac Borg hive in favor of Windows.

I am weary of the OS wars.

Indeed, I don't know what I am talking about... or more precisely DOING when
it comes to Linux. I tried to understand, or rather DO, but it was too
complex and I was not approaching Linux from the standpoint of advocacy or
philosophical argument but rather searching for a more reliable tool. No
doubt it is. I simply did not have the time or inclination, part of that
attributed to the fact I am not 59 years old and feel as if I can't waste
precious and fleeting time on yet another learning curve... I use what works
and damn the monopolies and mercantile overtones.

Apple is a monster of course, just like MS... but then so is the Ford I
drive every day. I pay taxes to a government that bombs Afghan children. I
bet so does everybody who is reading this.

I just want to make music. Damn the politics.

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