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damn straight : )
about point 1 though, I am generally sceptic about "open", that is to say they many costs involved, a mac may not be the most expensive one, with regards to knowledge, time etc.
but valid points all the same.

On 13 Apr 2011, at 22:58, David Powers wrote:

> I think it is clear that there are now three "Big Brother" companies
> in the technology world.
> It amazes me that one of these three companies has managed to create a
> set of consumers who seem to shut off their brains when it comes to
> the commodities and practices produced by said company, even when
> those consumers are supposedly politically aware artists. I use
> technology by all three companies, in the end I'm going to use
> whatever gets the job done.
> But I have BIG problems with:
> 1. Developing "open" tools for a platform that is not only closed, but
> PROHIBITIVELY expensive for many working people (we see this with many
> art/music+technology tools developed at universities)
> 2. Cheerfully providing free marketing for said platform without doing
> any critique
> 3. Hypocritically denouncing one of the other companies for being
> "closed" and "evil" without applying the same critique to the new kid
> on the block, which in my opinion is now both quite powerful, and
> engaged in practices that are as or perhaps even more disturbing than
> what the traditional evil giant.
> Ironically, while on principle I dislike all monopolies, the
> traditional Big Brother company has opened up quite a lot and softened
> some of its practices.
> ~David
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