[microsound] microsound Digest, Vol 28, Issue 7

Kurt Nimmo kanimmo at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 15:27:46 EDT 2011

iPhone sound apps. Here's what I use...

Runxt Life: This one creates generative MIDI based on “Conway’s Game of
Life” by John Horton Conway. It sends midi notes to Ableton Live (or any
DAW) with Runxt Life, an OSC to MIDI app, over wifi.


Jasuto, a modular synth. It has a large user-base.


Moog Filtration, an excellent effects and sound app. It is sort of expensive
for an iPhone app, but well worth every penny in my estimation. It will
import audio samples via FTP.


I have a bunch of others as well, but the above are my favorites. I want to
get into Reactable, based on the tabletop version, but have yet to find the
time to learn it.


MorphWiz, modAxis, bleepSynth, Droneo, GyroSythn are also interesting, but
not as useful for me as the others. I bought Seine (it was on sale) too, but
it is almost worthless on the iPhone. It will be much more useful on an iPad
because it has a grid keyboard.

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