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Hi Tobias,

You might very likely already know this but you should check the work by Hildegard Westerkamp http://www.sfu.ca/~westerka/ and of course the work done by the sound ecology movement initiators like Murray Shafer, Barry Truax, etc.




On 2010-07-20, at 3:34 AM, Tobias Reber wrote:

> dear all,
> i'm currently working for a local WWF division and, when they learned about what I do, was asked to collect material and links on sound in an ecological context, meaning:
> - sound design / acoustic identity work for agents like WWF, Greenpeace etc
> - sound art as pedagogy
> - sound and/or media art using natural processes, from aeolian harp to works using digital technologies
> - field recording
> - noise pollution
> - acoustic ecology
> - etc
> i think i know at least the basics of each field but need as much examples as i can get.
> any hint to interesting work is appreciated. thanks a lot!
> tobias
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