[microsound] sound and ecology

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Hello Tobias,

This little project may be of interest. It's related to Ear to the Earth, an enviromental sound art network:

>From the site:
"Listen to the Weather is a web-based sound project produced for New York environmental sound festival Ear to the Earth by Australian sound artist Kate Carr.

Armed with daily weather statistics from the area they live in and their favourite song about water, each participating artist has produced an aural portrait of their city's weather for a day.

By mapping data as well as referencing existing musicial works this project aims to explore how water has contributed to our understanding of being human and suggest that these understandings will shift as our climate changes."

I will be contributing a microsound track to this project soon. I'm collecting the weather data right now, with a datalogger + temperature and light probes on my windowsill!


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dear all,

i'm currently working for a local WWF division and, when they learned about
what I do, was asked to collect material and links on sound in an ecological
context, meaning:

- sound design / acoustic identity work for agents like WWF, Greenpeace etc
- sound art as pedagogy
- sound and/or media art using natural processes, from aeolian harp to works
using digital technologies
- field recording
- noise pollution
- acoustic ecology
- etc

i think i know at least the basics of each field but need as much examples
as i can get.

any hint to interesting work is appreciated. thanks a lot!


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