[microsound] [advice] Portable, battery powered speakers for outdoor microsound

Stephen Adam spectro7 at iinet.net.au
Fri Jul 2 07:31:41 EDT 2010

It does seem like your requirements are modest, but  you haven't  
mentioned what kind of area you need to cover (at what levels),  
resources etc.

In any case, as an "alternative" to portable battery powered speakers,  
a half-decent car stereo system can pump out a fair bit of sound  
provided the power and speaker cable runs aren't too long, and one  
well charged car battery (high capacity deep cycle is better) should  
provide more than enough power to run a modest (but better than just  
about any other off the shelf portable battery powered) speaker system  
over an evening. You'll also still probably need to provide  
alternative speakers (or enclosures) to the ones inside the car for  
the concert but that shouldn't be too hard to sort. If the car can't  
be in the area, you could just haul the relevant bits to the site: 12v  
(ie car type)  batteriy powering (one, or more if needed) car stereos  
(cheaply obtained at a local wrecker or second hand dealer) could be a  
good solution, given you are planning to broadcast via low power FM  

Alternately or possibly as an adjunct  if you can get a vehicle (or a  
decent capacity battery) in the vicinity get an inverter that  
generates enough power to run your Alesis speakers or more...


On 24/06/2010, at 11:43 PM, erik schoster wrote:

> Hello microsounders,
> I'm planning a series of concerts in spaces that will not be able to  
> provide amplification, some of which will take place outside and  
> (hopefully!) nowhere near a power outlet.
> Can anyone recommend decent and hopefully cheap(ish) battery powered  
> speakers for outdoor use? Frequency range/response is obviously a  
> concern - I realize that cheap speakers aren't going to have amazing  
> sound reproduction. [ I've been incredibly happy with my $100 (for  
> the pair!) Alesis M1Active 320USB monitors as a cheapo solution when  
> no PA is available for example though... ]
> Of particular interest: small, modular (I'm thinking of broadcasting  
> some of my netbook output over low power FM and placing a few radios  
> with small speakers around the space...) cheap, present.
> Your advice is appreciated - thanks!
> Best,
> Erik
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