[microsound] reminder: 10 year anniversary

David Newman dwnewman at clara.co.uk
Mon Jun 29 16:10:14 EDT 2009

I'd be up for a CD release - with shared financial responsibility.....

What we need is a unifying concept - i.e., the number 10 - the word
microsound or a remix album of seminal microsound projects / tracks 

It for the list to make the concept come alive.....

I suggest the concept of "one tenth of a second " - and suggest that tracks
are made from such as source

Ugly money bit ... ;)

What do I mean re shared financial responsibility?

(e.g., £50 per artist to be on for 12 artists) - with the understanding that
each artist will get a payment one year post release to try and repay this. 


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just prodding people along to contribute ideas [and commit to them if
possible] for the .microsound ten year anniversary celebrations

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