[microsound] Should musicians names appear on the anouncement? What about the name of the computer?

Randolph Jordan randolph at soppybagrecords.net
Fri Jun 12 14:04:18 EDT 2009

Playback and diffusion are very different things and should not be  
conflated.  Diffusing a recorded piece is a real-time performance in  
its own right.  In the concerts of electroacoustic music that I have  
attended, the diffusers are given credit and applause for their work,  
essentially treated as musicians partially responsible for realizing a  
composer's work.  While there is also often applause at the end of  
recorded works presented without diffusion, I don't think the clapping  
audience is intending to acknowledge the work of the CD player  
responsible for spinning the disc, though this piece of machinery is  
certainly a key factor in helping to realize the composer's work.   
Perhaps the question of where to direct credit should be based on  
acknowledgment of creative intention, something most of us do not yet  
ascribe to inanimate machines.


On 12-Jun-09, at 11:10 AM, ndkent at optonline.net wrote:

> simply playback (or perhaps diffusion

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