[microsound] Should musicians names appear on the anouncement? What about the name of the computer?

ndkent at optonline.net ndkent at optonline.net
Fri Jun 12 11:10:41 EDT 2009

> Hmm.  Would one list the make and model of one's tuba in the program  
> for one's tuba recital?

That would be amusing (for a moment) and correct if the tuba was onstage and there was no one playing it.

To me it's an issue of -- is it really a performance or is it simply playback (or perhaps diffusion to use an old school term)? 

You can of course be doing something with algorithmic programs, so those would surely be worth a mention.

Seriously I'd probably use something along the lines of "electronic realization by" or something along those lines for you or whomever wrote the file.nick kent

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