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2009/6/6 Marinos Koutsomichalis <marinos at agxivatein.com>

> Dear all,
> Sorry for cross-postings-
> **once again I included some of you in my list without asking, hoping you
> would be interested in being informed about my latest news - if this is not
> the case just say so and I' ll erase you from the list.
> Complete Beethoven' s Piano sonatas :
> I used a pair of PVDF piezo film tabs to record the sounds produced by the
> radiation and the electro-magnetic activity of a standard CRT computer
> screen, while scrolling through a file with the complete piano sonatas of
> L.V. Beethoven.....
> listen to it here:
> http://marinoskoutsomichalis.com/works/page20/page20.html
> Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall organ session
> (an improvised session willing to dominate space)
> samples here: http://marinoskoutsomichalis.com/works/organ/organ.html
> Trevor Jones Studio Sessions :
> Site-specific generative works were composed in order to challenge space
> aesthetically
> The project was realised in 4 sessions @ the Trevor Jones Studio
> (University of York, Helsington, UK)
> samples here : http://marinoskoutsomichalis.com/works/TJS/TJS.html
> (my site is recently updated and you might it interesting to check other
> pages, too)
> I have no scheduled live concerts for the next months, yet, as I am really
> busy with an installation piece,
> -but if somebody is interested in booking me in July or August for a live
> performance or lecture he may contact me.
> there are 2 scheduled performances of acoustic works, though:
> "ode to Carneades" for solo Clarinet will be performed live @ Endimburgh @
> the 8th of June @ Traverse Theater by the red note ensemble
> "3d string quartet - pandamator" will be performed on the 26th of June @
> the Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall by the Chimera Ensemble
> ANASISEIPSYCHOS cd is just released by Entr' acte (E69)
> entracte.co.uk
> reviews follow
> "I never heard of Marinos Koutsomichalis but his work 'Anasiseipsychos'
> blew me away. Apparently it was recorded during a series of late-night
> improvisations, using sine waves, which he waves together. Perhaps this
> sound quite dull to you, as so many other people have used sine waves
> before, but Koutsomichalis does some pretty neat things with the sine waves.
> (...) Not an easy listening one, but certainly, when played not as loud as
> possible, this has a relaxing, ambient quality. When the volume is turned up
> things become a bit more grittier, but also more detailed. I'm reminded of
> Paul Panhuysen's work on Plinkity Plonk, but Koutsomichalis is more freely
> working around with the sine waves, and less conceptually based. A great
> work."
> Frans de Waard (Vital Weekly)
> "Multiple, richly layered sine tones, often acting in concert to give the
> impression of perpetually rising or falling (a la Tenney). The sonic
> effects, the eat drum-rattling and all are fine, but the conception struck
> me as too shallow, too science-experiment-y for me to find aesthetic
> purchase."
> Brian Olewnick (Just in Time - Bagatellen - Squid' s Ear).
> "Athens, Greece-based electro-acoustic composer and sound artist Marinos
> Koutsomichalis adopts an obviously different approach to Montgomery (Will
> Montgomery - Legend) in the single-track Anasiseipsychos. Koutsomichalis's
> interests lie in timbre, texture, and the “architectural possibilities of
> sound,” all of which are addressed in his hypnotic manipulations of sine
> tones in the hour-long piece. Multiple tones successively swoop up and down,
> typically in slow-motion and often pushed to their seeming breaking points,
> with Koutsomichalis winding up the pitch of tonal masses to almost
> unbearable degrees of tension (a little bit like a rocket ship shooting up
> into space). Adding to the disorientating effect, the overlaying of tones
> also generates a multitude of resonating beats and frequencies. The material
> turns especially forceful at about the forty-eight-minute mark when one
> tone, having ascended into the stratosphere, is then joined by a second,
> then third, and so on. Though his sonic palette is obviously minimal,
> Koutsomichalis's treatment of it proves seductive and the listener not so
> much willingly surrenders but more gets sucked into the inexorable pull of
> the spiraling vortex. One is advised to adhere to the composer's own
> instruction to “Play loud!” in order to reap maximum psycho-acoustic
> rewards."
> textura
> BIO :
> Marinos Koutsomichalis (Athens, Greece 1981 - )  composer, sound-artist.
> Active in the fields of both sound-art and notated music, Marinos
> Koutsomichalis profoundly indulges in sound and in auditorial stimuli, from
> within a philosophical viewpoint. He is interested in creating self-evident
> sonic experiences - organic life-forms that guide or inspire, in turn, their
> very maker.  Usually in his works, traditional ideas of formalism, causality
> or transformation are abandoned and "musical" references are overwhelmed,
> for the shake of sound itself, which is no longer the carrier of an
> artificially planted "meaning" or "message" but the very message itself.
> As a sound-artist, he usually works within a site- and time- specific
> context, utilizing DSP techniques,field recordings and generative
> procedures. His main focus is on the architectural possibilities of sound -
> how to occupy space sonically in meaningful ways - both through intuitive
> performances and scholastic installations. Phonographic techniques hold a
> distinct place in his arsenal, as a tool to interpret given space or
> found-sounds, and further to document his own work, always in respect to the
> boundaries medium-oriented reproduction imposes.
> Notation is just another medium for him to explore - its textural and
> timbral possibilities in particular. He is, also, into various side-projects
> or solo experiments, from time to time, when he feels he needs to do
> something different, trying to constantly re-establish his individual
> relationship with sound - and even-though this might introduce conceptualism
> sometimes, sound remains the only aesthetic criteria.
> His work has been released by various labels including Entr' acte (uk) and
> EchoMusic(gr), while he both performs / is being performed around the globe
> - amongst others Usa, Greece, Uk, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria,
> Switzerland. He is currently pursuing an MA by research in composition with
> digital media at the university of York, under the supervision of dr Tony
> Myatt, whilst he holds an offer to undertake a Phd in music in the same
> university. He also holds degrees in Harmony, Counterpoint and Management.
> He spends most of his time between York, Athens and Creta.
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> Marinos Koutsomichalis
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> web:
> www.marinoskoutsomichalis.com
> marinos at marinoskoutsomichalis.com
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> Greece:
> Paloumpioti 33, 11476, Athens
> mobile: 00306938954510
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> Uk:
> 11, Granville Terrace
> YO10 3DY, York
> mobile: 0044(0)7593021328
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