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Dear all,

Sorry for cross-postings-

**once again I included some of you in my list without asking, hoping  
you would be interested in being informed about my latest news - if  
this is not the case just say so and I' ll erase you from the list.


Complete Beethoven' s Piano sonatas :
I used a pair of PVDF piezo film tabs to record the sounds produced  
by the radiation and the electro-magnetic activity of a standard CRT  
computer screen, while scrolling through a file with the complete  
piano sonatas of L.V. Beethoven.....

listen to it here:  http://marinoskoutsomichalis.com/works/page20/ 

Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall organ session
(an improvised session willing to dominate space)

samples here: http://marinoskoutsomichalis.com/works/organ/organ.html

Trevor Jones Studio Sessions :
Site-specific generative works were composed in order to challenge  
space aesthetically
The project was realised in 4 sessions @ the Trevor Jones Studio  
(University of York, Helsington, UK)

samples here : http://marinoskoutsomichalis.com/works/TJS/TJS.html

(my site is recently updated and you might it interesting to check  
other pages, too)


I have no scheduled live concerts for the next months, yet, as I am  
really busy with an installation piece,
-but if somebody is interested in booking me in July or August for a  
live performance or lecture he may contact me.
there are 2 scheduled performances of acoustic works, though:

"ode to Carneades" for solo Clarinet will be performed live @  
Endimburgh @ the 8th of June @ Traverse Theater by the red note ensemble

"3d string quartet - pandamator" will be performed on the 26th of  
June @ the Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall by the Chimera Ensemble


ANASISEIPSYCHOS cd is just released by Entr' acte (E69)


reviews follow

"I never heard of Marinos Koutsomichalis but his work  
'Anasiseipsychos' blew me away. Apparently it was recorded during a  
series of late-night improvisations, using sine waves, which he waves  
together. Perhaps this sound quite dull to you, as so many other  
people have used sine waves before, but Koutsomichalis does some  
pretty neat things with the sine waves. (...) Not an easy listening  
one, but certainly, when played not as loud as possible, this has a  
relaxing, ambient quality. When the volume is turned up things become  
a bit more grittier, but also more detailed. I'm reminded of Paul  
Panhuysen's work on Plinkity Plonk, but Koutsomichalis is more freely  
working around with the sine waves, and less conceptually based. A  
great work."
Frans de Waard (Vital Weekly)

"Multiple, richly layered sine tones, often acting in concert to give  
the impression of perpetually rising or falling (a la Tenney). The  
sonic effects, the eat drum-rattling and all are fine, but the  
conception struck me as too shallow, too science-experiment-y for me  
to find aesthetic purchase."
Brian Olewnick (Just in Time - Bagatellen - Squid' s Ear).

"Athens, Greece-based electro-acoustic composer and sound artist  
Marinos Koutsomichalis adopts an obviously different approach to  
Montgomery (Will Montgomery - Legend) in the single-track  
Anasiseipsychos. Koutsomichalis's interests lie in timbre, texture,  
and the “architectural possibilities of sound,” all of which are  
addressed in his hypnotic manipulations of sine tones in the hour- 
long piece. Multiple tones successively swoop up and down, typically  
in slow-motion and often pushed to their seeming breaking points,  
with Koutsomichalis winding up the pitch of tonal masses to almost  
unbearable degrees of tension (a little bit like a rocket ship  
shooting up into space). Adding to the disorientating effect, the  
overlaying of tones also generates a multitude of resonating beats  
and frequencies. The material turns especially forceful at about the  
forty-eight-minute mark when one tone, having ascended into the  
stratosphere, is then joined by a second, then third, and so on.  
Though his sonic palette is obviously minimal, Koutsomichalis's  
treatment of it proves seductive and the listener not so much  
willingly surrenders but more gets sucked into the inexorable pull of  
the spiraling vortex. One is advised to adhere to the composer's own  
instruction to “Play loud!” in order to reap maximum psycho-acoustic  


Marinos Koutsomichalis (Athens, Greece 1981 - )  composer, sound-artist.

Active in the fields of both sound-art and notated music, Marinos  
Koutsomichalis profoundly indulges in sound and in auditorial  
stimuli, from within a philosophical viewpoint. He is interested in  
creating self-evident sonic experiences - organic life-forms that  
guide or inspire, in turn, their very maker.  Usually in his works,  
traditional ideas of formalism, causality or transformation are  
abandoned and "musical" references are overwhelmed, for the shake of  
sound itself, which is no longer the carrier of an artificially  
planted "meaning" or "message" but the very message itself.

As a sound-artist, he usually works within a site- and time- specific  
context, utilizing DSP techniques,field recordings and generative  
procedures. His main focus is on the architectural possibilities of  
sound - how to occupy space sonically in meaningful ways - both  
through intuitive performances and scholastic installations.  
Phonographic techniques hold a distinct place in his arsenal, as a  
tool to interpret given space or found-sounds, and further to  
document his own work, always in respect to the boundaries medium- 
oriented reproduction imposes.

Notation is just another medium for him to explore - its textural and  
timbral possibilities in particular. He is, also, into various side- 
projects or solo experiments, from time to time, when he feels he  
needs to do something different, trying to constantly re-establish  
his individual relationship with sound - and even-though this might  
introduce conceptualism sometimes, sound remains the only aesthetic  

His work has been released by various labels including Entr' acte  
(uk) and EchoMusic(gr), while he both performs / is being performed  
around the globe - amongst others Usa, Greece, Uk, Netherlands,  
Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. He is currently pursuing an  
MA by research in composition with digital media at the university of  
York, under the supervision of dr Tony Myatt, whilst he holds an  
offer to undertake a Phd in music in the same university. He also  
holds degrees in Harmony, Counterpoint and Management. He spends most  
of his time between York, Athens and Creta.

Marinos Koutsomichalis
marinos at marinoskoutsomichalis.com
Paloumpioti 33, 11476, Athens
mobile: 00306938954510
11, Granville Terrace
YO10 3DY, York
mobile: 0044(0)7593021328

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