[microsound] cycling74 and Max/MSP -discussion

Gregory Taylor gtaylor at rtqe.net
Thu Feb 26 16:40:01 EST 2009

As Matt and Bruce have both mentioned, there's plenty of
forum stuff at the company website in addition to Trond
Lossius' more traditional values mailing list. Both may be
of use to you.

One of the things I've enjoyed about this list is that it has
tended to focus more on a different set of issues than tools,
although one's choice of tools will often involve a greater
collection of issues and allegiances than mere efficiency.

If you have any specific questions that involve the use of
the tools themselves, Mr. O. Mr. T. would be good persons
to cultivate as friends, as I happen to know they're extremely
talented and knowledgeable. I tend to stay well away from
this particular subject because a. I have a more direct stake in
the discussions due to my relationship with the company, and
b. because I like having a place to go and read that isn't just
about the tools. That said, I'd be willing to try to answer any
questions you may have (offline is best, I think).

One of the more interesting features of being associated with
a tool like Max [as is certainly the case with Pd, Audiomulch
and - to a somewhat lesser extent - Csound] is that it's
in wide use across various genre boundaries. While I continue
to puzzle at the eruptions of the narcissism of minor difference
in those various communities, it's an interesting time to be
making choices about the kinds of software one chooses for
one's work. I just spent a few pleasant days at the Spark Festival
in Minneapolis, and was reminded again that it's a great time to
be doing and listening.

So, doesn't anyone want to resurrect those great old-timey
discussions of "the sound of Supercollider?" :-)

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