[microsound] New York in the 80's (was Rhys Chatham)

Björn Eriksson nowerik at telia.com
Mon Feb 9 18:55:01 EST 2009

Just a short reply on this interesting thread. Here in Sweden these study 
circles have been existing long time and still does, even if it is less and 
less these days. So yes, it is possible to receive some funding for having 
microsound study circles here in Sweden if there is a serious approach and 
enough people attending these courses. Not needed to be very many, maybe it 
is this 5 people can be the lower limit.

The funding can be received from the educational associations that exists 
from many different interests and parties, here is the main one to political 
left in Sweden.

The same structure about studie circles and educational associations exists 
in all Scandinavia to my knowledge. I am not sure about other countries in 
Europe but I should guess that at least Germany has something like this 

/Björn Eriksson

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>>> WOW, imagine that!  Having microsound clusters in towns across the
>>> US, each with small production studios!
> ah micro-soviets! warms my heart to think of it! :)
> but also an interesting idea -- we should explore this some on the list
> anyone have any ideas w/r/t what John is describing?
> I'll write more about it later when I've had some time to think about it
> :)
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