[microsound] New York in the 80's (was Rhys Chatham)

Bruce Tovsky bruce at skeletonhome.com
Fri Feb 6 14:12:00 EST 2009

funny thing is that i've made more money in the last two years from  
work that i did back in the 80s (producing Liquid Liquid) than i did  
DURING the 80s, due to reissue projects that i've produced. thank god  
for the resurgence of interest in the period!

On Feb 6, 2009, at 1:43 PM, Dave Seidel wrote:

> Exactly.  The only musicians I knew in the downtown scene who were
> supporting themselves with music were also doing session/touring work
> with mainstream acts (e.g., Lenny Pickett and the other Borneo Horns
> guys, which were gigging with Bowie).  Everyone else, myself  
> definitely
> included, had day jobs.  It was a great time for creativity, and a few
> composers and choreographers did OK on a sporadic basis for a limited
> period of time, but it was no cornucopia of pecuniary delights.
> - Dave
> Bruce Tovsky wrote:
>> well i'm sure that kim will chime in here, but there are  
>> definitely more
>> opportunities in the EU and elsewhere in the world than in the US. i
>> have friends in the EU who get stipends from the government to do  
>> their
>> work. and in general it seems that art gets better funding over  
>> there.
>> now i'd also to be the first person to state that those scenes are
>> NOTHING like what the 80s scene was like - there's a reason so many
>> books are being written about it, etc. it was a moment in time, a
>> convergence that only happens occasionally. and you never know when
>> you're in it that it will turn out to be that way, though you suspect
>> and hope. and while there was more money to be made, clubs paid  
>> better
>> than today (do they pay at all?) it still wasn't a great living.  
>> most of
>> the people i knew scraped by and lived in cheap little places in the
>> east village (and still do!)
>> b
>> On Feb 5, 2009, at 10:46 PM, Ken Restivo wrote:
>>> My question is this: where in the world-- if anywhere-- is there  
>>> such
>>> a scene like early-80's New York taking place? i.e. a place where
>>> artists and musicians can make a decent-- maybe even good-- living?
>>> -ken
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