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That list is fantastic. Thanks a lot.


On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 3:40 PM, Dave Seidel <dave at mysterybear.net> wrote:
> Concur on all that (I was there from '78 to '88).  Another point for
> reference for this music is idea of music for multiples.  See Mary Jane
> Leach's really comprehensive list here:
> http://www.mjleach.com/multiples.htm.
> [Disclosure: I did the first recording and performances of Lois V
> Vierk's "Go Guitars", which is a great piece for five electric guitars
> in a quarter-tone-based tuning, and which is on MJ's list.]
> - Dave
> Kim Cascone wrote:
>>> and i should add that Rhys and Glenn were developing their ideas at
>>> the same time, in the highly charged, creative stew that was the NYC
>>> downtown art scene in the late 70's - early 80's. lots of really
>>> interesting musical ideas/bands: DNA, Liquid Liquid, Y Pants,
>>> Contortions, Mars, Lydia Lunch et al. combine that with Philip Glass,
>>> Laurie Anderson, Steve Reich, etc. and BOOM.
>> some coffee thoughts:
>> I lived and worked in Manhattan around that time and attended the
>> Noise Fest at the White Columns on Spring St in '81
>> (I even managed to 'find' poster for it and now hangs in my studio)
>> Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca and Rhys Chatham all played at the Noise Fest
>> in addition to a lesser known downtown guitar ensemble headed by
>> Jeffery Lohn and who I auditioned for
>> but I saw Rhys play at the Mudd Club or Club 57 (can't remember
>> which) where his percussionist played metal poles with ball-peen hammers
>> a very intense concert so say the least and in some ways more
>> interesting than Glenn's work
>> but I was big fans of both of them
>> a few years later I saw Glenn speak at the Exploritorium in SF so I
>> chatted with him a little afterwards about the NY scene and why I
>> moved to SF
>> I would have to say that some of the context for this was 'New Music'
>> as mashed up with the 'No Wave' music happening in NY around that time
>> and there was a lot of cultural cross breeding going on then
>> witness the New Music America festivals and Ear Magazine which were
>> both based in NYC and which helped to stir the 'creative stew' that
>> Bruce mentioned
>> I had a friend who played in Glenn's ensemble (before Glenn got
>> famous) and he told me this story about how Glenn knew almost nothing
>> about rock music and rock guitar techniques
>> so he continually asked my friend to play him 'historical' rock 'n
>> roll records and explain to him how certain guitar pedals were used
>> in making rock guitar sounds
>> also, I had the pleasure of seeing DNA play at CBGB's several times
>> and think Arto Lindsay is one of the most original guitarists of his
>> time
>> his playing in DNA astounds me to this day and totally shifted how I
>> thought of the 'guitar'
>> only to be further damaged by Keith Rowe and Fred Frith later on
>> my Berklee College of Music education never looked so provincial as
>> during that time
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