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Bill Jarboe billjarboe at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 3 11:12:59 EST 2009


   It took me a long time to fully heavily realize the implications  
of the concept.

   At first the link didn't open in any browser , after some hand  
typing , was rewarded with the cheery message from firefox that I was  
linking to an application it didn't know how to deal with.

   Previous to At first I had rather firmly decided that the  
challenge must exist inherently in having a number of revolutions in  
a single minute, perhaps resulting in a dissociative or catatonic  
state (of being , that is ; not a governed state). I imagined then ,  
or at least attempted to imagine that the resulting audio masterwork  
should then be expanded or stretched thin enough to cover the better  
portion of 28 days in february.

   After some careful research (wikipedia) , found that audio cd  
players read their discs at a constant 150 kB/s and thus must vary  
the disc's rotational speed from around 500 r/min (actually 8 Hz),  
when reading at the innermost edge, to 200 r/min (actually 3.5 Hz) at  
the outer edge.

(Modern ultrasonic dental drills can rotate at up to 800,000 r/min  
(10 kHz).)

  I couldn't figure out what National Public Radio had to do with  
anything , then decided the name could be changed to Machinal Public  
Radio ( machine public radio ?) the initials which are , of course:  
RPM spelled backwards , making perfect sense since the listener is  
retrospecting a psychological moment in a much larger sense for an  
entire month. An improvement; in my opinion , or at least honest  
(from a non-existent techno-industrial viewpoint). Michael's Palace  
might also be a lovely name for a radio program.

  Another idea which wasn't mine; from the http://www.tapeop.com/  
message board, was from a guy who planned on recording twenty eight  
albums during february . He stated that he taught special ed during  
the day and for that reason his setup , mic positions were going to  
be quite straightforward. I was thinking he could get his students  
(special educators) to help with the recordings. What do I know? It's  
his project , not mine. 'tapeopera' is also a nice magazine title.

         -hope that I'm not being bothersome


On Feb 2, 2009, at 11:03 AM, Michael Palace wrote:

> I also want to mention this project my small town started a few  
> years ago.
> http://www.rpmchallenge.com/
> basically it is a challenge for people to record an album in the  
> month of
> FEB.  10 songs or 35 minutes of music.  i did it the first two  
> years, got
> some airplay on our National Public Radio Station.  I actually did 4
> projects each year (2006, 2007).  I skipped 2008.
> This year I will likely only do one with a guy I know here in  
> town.  It is
> open to the world.  First year was local and there were 200 bands.   
> The
> other years it was open to the world and 800 people completed it.   
> Thought
> you all might want to give it a go.
> Mike

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