[microsound] RPM Challenge

Michael Palace palace at guero.sr.unh.edu
Mon Feb 2 14:03:37 EST 2009

I also want to mention this project my small town started a few years ago.

basically it is a challenge for people to record an album in the month of 
FEB.  10 songs or 35 minutes of music.  i did it the first two years, got 
some airplay on our National Public Radio Station.  I actually did 4 
projects each year (2006, 2007).  I skipped 2008. 

This year I will likely only do one with a guy I know here in town.  It is 
open to the world.  First year was local and there were 200 bands.  The 
other years it was open to the world and 800 people completed it.  Thought 
you all might want to give it a go.


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